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    The raider's new stadium in vegas has made it to beam. Big thanks to @Abroopt for the stadium model. I was able to beamify and add the monster jam edits to make it look official. Made a custom track to kick it off. Comes with an MP racing and freestyle along with a crush car variant that uses 8 beam cars.
  4. so, uh, I packed a skin properly today. feels sorta off, but yeah coming soon lol
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  6. guardblast 3 will become fake in..





    guardblast3 is now fake.

  7. So, I've deleted and downloaded the FPS Crush Car packs a few times and every time I load any track with those cars it crashes. St. Louis 2009 (I think loads just fine. Every other map crashes my game. Any advice? Already tried clearing my cache among other things. Do I just deleted all the mods pertaining to the crush cars? Any advice is appreciated!
  8. Last week
  9. I haven't updated it in a long time, nor do I intend to. If we're being honest, only like, 5 skins came out of that pack that weren't a pixelated mess, I'm not good at making replicas, nor will I try to again. I did however, give my friend perms to redo the replica pack. I still occasionally make custom skins and sometimes repli-customs, though i only distribute my customs via Discord now.
  10. Hotters


    Oklahoma, I’m lost for words this is so awesome and thank you! Edit: It’s private
  11. New to the beam monsters and sims but id love to see an older Patrick style chassis on beam, higher and more rear mounted engines shocks on the vertical instead of canted. They handle much differently and would be an awesome addition to the game.
    True oldies never die.
  12. its because a new creten crd chassis was made
  13. bad habit spawns in without a body for me so idk if its the same for everyone or not
  14. im new to downloading files so i dont know what the cache is. i tried again and it worked. thank you for your help.
  15. Name: Wasted Nites Body: 2010 Chevy Silverado Chassis: Buck Shot Chassis but don't know the name. You can use CRD and color it. Paint (images of color/graphics): Other: Can you do it in black rims?
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  17. You may want to try to reconnect to your wifi and try to download the file again. If you still have issues, try clearing your cache on whatever browser you use and try downloading the file
  18. can you please help me very time i try to install it it says failed net work error
    there is no download key
    my new favorite map! my pc struggles to run beam monster trucks sometimes, this track runs perfectly, love the crush cars, i go in and change the color of them usually
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