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  2. Is this kid real??? Like mate, how is the crd mod not realistic. explain how the damage is bad, pls, i'm all ears
  3. Yesterday
    Awesome track, only suggestion is I would add a ramp to the front side of the double bus stack. You absoutely killed this! Gonna put a lot of hours into this track
  4. so what truck are you requesting again?
  5. my guy these are the best looking trucks ive seen i was waiting for bigfoot 10
  6. diggin the paints man hopefully youll see them in my tour soon i do a solo fs tour on my youtube channel so look out for them!!!
    So many different track vibes... UNREAL
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Are you a pure American? Can you feel the wind flow through your mullet as you chug a Bud light? Well, look no further, this map is for you. Rip a Massive 12,000 pound machine around this track as you hear the Bald Eagles soar.
  8. whats the chances of getting a better radiator so it wont overheat after a few seconds?
  9. Last week
  10. Those are absolutely clean brother, well done!
    Good map!. Some of the decals are a bit wonky but overall not a bad map.
  11. the older dragon slayer with the white paint job and the green dragon on the side on the chevy s10. I still think the hummer version is one of the cooler trucks out today and its a shame that there were never any US broadcast with the truck and i highly doubt monster jam will ever release the UK broadcasting for their youtube membership
  12. i've always like Paul Winkleman's Evolution, it was a dark maroon and had a skeleton poking out of a hole on the sides and the hood, the back of the truck was black and also in the sides it read evolution in bones, you can find photos on monster trucks wiki
  13. Found out about Beam having a monster truck community and decided to check it out. I haven't done anything with virtual monster trucks in about 10 years back on Rigs of Rods. After checking out some of the amazing content that has been created it made me want to create my own personal truck to use. Hope you all enjoy! Friend wanted one, I based it off of his Latemodel that I designed for him as well. Not letting me post in the Discord for some reason so I'll just post it here lol.
  14. another nice renegade track if thats what it is bcat
  15. mondrox133

    Redline Revamp

    That Ghost Truck loooks sick but wont load. am I missing something?
  16. luis

    i need help

    do any of you know how to make a crd monster truck skin on blender.
  17. luis

    Mjam Pack

    I can't find xterminator and pls give me the link.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Here it is, the show where Adam Anderson returned to Grave Digger, Todd Leduc learned how to lose a race against a truck that flipped during the race, and Jamey Garner did a bit of tomfoolery with his back. THIS STADIUM MODEL IS TEMORARY AND WILL MOST LIKLEY BE REPLACED WITH A NEWER BETTER ONE AT SOME POINT, PLEASE DO NOT BASE YOUR REIVEW ON THE STADIUM MODEL
  19. Can you be patient? We aren't able to test and approve stuff every single minute of every single day, some of us have other obligations to attend to.
  20. My files never get approved and it has Credits
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