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  1. gameboy3800's Front Engine Addons Pack

    4.011 hotfix: fixed duplicate seat meshes, added better support to redlines ride chassis (can now use other motors on ride chassis).
    4.01 hotfix: fixed a fuel line problem.
    TL;DR version for those just interested in main updates:
    New stuff: Added Barstow 489CI V8 motor with the special ability to change out the chassis for one made by Redline, that being a Ridetruck Chassis! He should release it soon! Go check it out when he does! Added an extremely cursed looking Driver for front engine chassis’.
    Revamped Stuff: rebalanced basically everything, fixed a lot of props moving around for no reason on hard impacts. Adding a 2nd fuel tank to a Front Engine setup should now actually give you double the range instead of it just being a visual gag.
    Fixed Stuff: less random prop movement should lead to less random mod crashing and improved handling. Updated slots and parts naming to be up to date with CRD 2.3+. There will be a hotfix coming soon fix the flags slot once CRD 2.4 comes out, as it will be moved to the chassis after that update is out.
    Other stuff: Packed with 7Zip to reduce filesize.
    Full description for people who enjoy reading more than driving monster trucks:
    Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again! This time I’m bringing something to the mod that so many people have asked for: Front Engine options!
    This 3.0 Pack update includes fixes to some long standing problems, as well as a brand new exclusive engine to this pack that can only go into the front spot, the Dragster Engine!
    Some The biggest fix for this update is that before, there were some props that weren’t properly animated, or that props could get moved around with heavy impacts. Both of these issues should now be fixed.
    You can get more engines for these chassis options by downloading my Additional Addons Pack. Having both these packs installed give you quite the set bonus: you can now equip the 662 Big Block and Diesel Engine to both front and back positions of these chassis’! You also get all their upgrades and other parts as well!
    In order for some of these parts to work their best, you’ll need to have the Mjam Pack installed, as there’s presets for some bodies found from there. Installing my other packs gives the set bonus as said before. Having BLZ pack installed is also recommended to use the Patrick Swaybars that are equipped on most presets, as the normal front swaybars clip the front exhaust most of the time, and putting the BLZ pack in fixes this. I am not aware of anything else required, but you’re free to install everyone else’s pack here to be able to make some sweet custom or replica trucks with all these new parts from this site!
    None of this is done absolutely correctly or perfectly, but it does work! This is a REAL Front Engine option for the CRD Monster Truck, weight changes, performance nuances and all! This is NOT a Willman or Meents chassis, it is a modified CRD to fit an Engine about 2inches in front of your feet (I have disabled the option to put a driver model for this reason). Yes, it is about as cursed as it sounds. In fact internally it was just known as lol.
    There are a lot of Chassis options in this zip, the Normal CRD Chassis’ with Front Engine Mounts, and the Custom CRD Chassis’ with Front Engine Mounts. With these you can fit 90% or so of all bodies with a front engine of your choosing. You can also still equip a rear mounted engine if you so desire; I didn’t want to lose any compatibility with the normal parts, so they’ve all been retrofitted to work on this chassis as well as they would the normal chassis! The cool thing is that when you put in a normal rear engine, the chassis returns completely to normal! I’ve also managed to get all the cab props to move and change per engine, per placement; this wasn’t easy to pull off but it fully works!
    There is also some new truck presets that utilize the Front Engines, including Naked variants to build your own truck off of! Some of these presets include: Front Engine El Toro Loco, Front Engine Maximum Destruction, and Front Engine Max-D! You’ll notice in most of these new presets, the Fuel Tank can be moved closer to the cab to fill the big gap of where the engine used to be!
    I did all the edits, fitments, prop changes and animations more or less on my own. Jedipresence had some input, and mike bev was the beta receiver and person to talk through all the random af ideas that were being thrown around as this was being made haha.
    While I believe I managed to test everything good enough for this release, it’s far from a perfect product. If you see something game breaking, please let me know asap via dm on either this website or on the beam-monsters discord server and I’ll tell Marky Jester to fix it!
    That’ll be all from me today, if you enjoyed this pack, leave a like, review, comment and don’t forget to download as well! Thanks, gameboy out; I’ll see you all in the future!
    Parts included in this pack:
    CRD_Cut_Hoods: The 05 Chevy and the 09 Ram bodies both have a new Hood option with a hole cut in it for the Front V8 Diesel Engine’s Hood Stack Exhaust! Model edits and implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Hood_Stack: a new exhaust option only seen when you equip the V8 Diesel from the Adjustable Addons or Semi Engine from the Memes, you can put a stack exhaust pipe out the hood! Works best with the cut hoods from above! Model edits, Code and Sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Headers_Downsweeps: I was granted permission by BLZ to use the downsweep header model created by ZonR@SM for use on the front Merlin Engine. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Front_Zoomies: special Goldberg-style zoomies to be equipped to the Front Ford and Merlin Engines! Model by Bobcat, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Front_Zoomies_Wide: Special wider version of the Front Zoomies to clear basically all bodies. These can be equipped to the front Ford motor. Model edits, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_632CI_Ford_Engine: an almost realistic Ford Big Block that utilizes a massive procharger to deliver a wide range of power outputs. It’s fully animated, even the turbine! Model by Ben B. from 3D Warehouse, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_632_Headers: I brought my Hater Hooker headers from my Adjustable Addons pack to here to give this motor a mean look and sound! They’re fully adjustable too! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_632_Procharger: a huge and super powerful method of forced induction for the 632! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_632_Radiator: Gotta keep it cool somehow… Model edits and Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_TopFuel_Engine: an insanely powerful engine option exclusive to the Front Engine mount! Gotta go fast! Model by ChrisKuhn from Blendswap, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Barstow_489CI: an upscaled Barstow Muscle Car motor with its own big cooling fan and everything! It’s got numerous intake options, and the ability to swap the chassis model out for Redline’s Ride Chassis! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_TopFuel_Headers: exhaust pipes for Top Fuel Engine. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_TopFuel_Blower: a wickedly powerful blower for the Top Fuel Engine. Model by ChrisKuhn from Blendswap. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Nerfed_Blower: a more normal supercharger if you want to use the Top Fuel motor like a more sane person. Model by ChrisKuhn from Blendswap. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Chassis’_Cursed: the standard front engine chassis’. It is a little bit lighter than the normal chassis because theres a few pipes blowtorched off. Model edits and code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Headers_Cursed: exhaust options made to fit the new engine locations. All of them are based off base mod parts. Model editing, code and sound implementation by gameboy300.
    CRD_Transmission_Cursed: a rotated transmission to reach the Front Engines.
    CRD_Steelplating_Cursed: a new steel plate to go over the hole where the engine once was whenever you put an engine up front. You can mount a fuel tank to this if you like and remove the old rear mounted one to better make some replica trucks! You can also mount both this tank and the old tank at the same time to double your fuel capacity! Code implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Engine_Placement: the new engine slot to decide what engine you pick and where you put it. The engine name in the slot will tell you where it will be put in parentheses. Example: 540CI Ford Performance Engine (Front). Depending on where you place the engine, you will get the appropriate chassis model, as well as have additional options for each spot. Code by gameboy3800.


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  2. gameboy3800's Adjustable Addons Pack

    Everyone take note:

    i am going to be splitting up adjustable addons once again; its getting too large or too off topic. main part will still be called adjustable addons containing all the normal intakes, serious motors or other misc parts.
    first new part will be just loading screens. it was the largest contributor to large filesizes, and not everyone likes my taste of getting randomly rickrolled in a loading screen so i'll let it be an optional download. revamped crd loading screens making a comeback.
    second new part will be for automation engines; they were a good idea to prototype ideas with, but their quality compared to the other motors is just not up to par. they're not as bad as semi or bus engine, so they shouldnt be relocated to meme pack, but i feel they dont best represent adjustable addons either.
    these will all be linked as separate files on adjustable addons download page, as they will all still work best when all loaded together, but if you were only after one specific aspect of adjustable addons, it should allow to download only what you want. coming for the '5.0' update eventually™️

    Main patchnotes from update 4.0:
    Good overall advice: if something’s broken, redownload the mod(s) and clear cache. Chances are you’ve either not updated everything or something old is getting in the way. Make sure to not install duplicate mods either!
    MAJOR RECENT CHANGE: Moved Semi and Bus engines over to Memes Pack for consistency. If you’re missing those engines, you’ll find them in the Memes Pack!

    New parts: Chevrolet 572CI Big Block motor Twin Turbocharged! Ford 540CI Customizable Motor that has the ability to run almost any drivetrain part you can think of! More internally mounted flag options to better fit the Escalade and Pickup bodies. High Pressure tires for huge air!
    Revamped stuff: Bedcovers significantly easier to equip on select bodies, new turbo sounds for non-diesel engines, new Twincharger models. Bedcover filesize significantly reduced.
    Fixed stuff: Fixed a number of slot inconsistencies or dirty code throughout the mod. Such as adding a 2nd fuel tank to a Front Engine setup should now actually give you double the range instead of it just being a visual gag.
    Further additions: new picture(s) added to loading screens. I’m now using 7zip to zip up my mods to reduce filesize, you shouldn’t notice any drop in quality or longer loading either!
    CRD Afterlife12k is just an upscaled version of the poster truck for those who want to see the design in full quality. It is separate from the main pack because it’s such a large file lol. It’s completely optional.
    If you have any cool ideas for new inclusions for any of my packs, do not hesitate to message them to me either on this site or on discord! That’s actually how a lot of these parts came to be, so you can thank the entire community for packs like this!
    Full description for those who like reading more than driving monster trucks:

    Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again, this time with a very unique addon pack. This pack contains a little bit of everything; new engines, new headers, new transmissions, and tons of other random parts that have been suggested to me over the past year or so.
    This 3.0 and 4.0 update has been a massive cleanup as well as adding a ton more options, even a new truck in the form of the Afterlife machine! The Semi and Bus engine have been moved to my Memes pack, since they were starting to make this pack look less credible. Hushpower is still in this pack, but it’s base engine is now the Gavril V8 Diesel. There is still a Semi Engine tune for it available in the Memes pack, just like how it was before.
    Some of the best inclusions of the Adjustable_Addons pack are: a brand new skin never seen before anywhere else; HUSHPOWER DIESEL, some new motors such as Naturally Aspirated engines, Electric Motor and New Addons for all Existing Engines and compatibility with my Memes and Front Engines pack to give you a good set bonus, such as the V8 Diesel now getting a Front Engine Mount option!
    There’s a lot of things to go over, however I’ll save that for later down the page. I want to give a personal thank you to all of my youtube subscribers, this pack goes out to all of you, as well as all of the friends I’ve made in the Beam Monsters community! This is my gift to everyone!
    New packs to download in order to allow everything to work properly: CRD 2.2+ (duh), MJam Pack (Hushpower utilizes the old Ram), BLZ Pack (some presets use blz tires,  blz shocks, or blz headers. Its not required to have a working truck though).
    Further Prerequisites: Clear Cache after installing CRD 2.2, remove any mods that aren’t updated to 2.0 standards yet to avoid breaking stuff. Sometimes when swapping on some of these new parts to an existing truck or tune, it will carry over the old setup, and not drive as intended. To fix this, all you need to do is hit ‘Reset’ on the Tuning Menu page. This should fix lack of straight-line speed, odd engine behavior or lack of power.
    I had to hand make Hushpower Diesel from nothing but very low quality jpegs I could only find on some russian websites, I am very proud how it turned out even if it isn’t 100% accurate. Hushpower is NOT to be redistributed to other websites or games, it is an EXCLUSIVE to the website for the CRD Monster Truck of BeamNG.Drive. If you see it anywhere else, please notify me asap.
    KCREW made the gameboy Motorsports and Drag Qween trucks almost of his own accord. Thanks!
    Other Credits: Massive personal thank you to Mike Bev for reorganizing the Meme_Pack zip and the Adjustable_Addons zip to be more in line with 2.0 standards, I know it wasn’t easy. He also helped with a lot of materials for not only my packs, but for CRD as a whole. The mans a living encyclopedia for monster trucks. Thank you Mike.
    There’s some truck presets in this pack so that its not just you hunting through the parts menu to see what’s new. They are: Unreal Speed Bigfoot (200mph+) that does exactly what it says, there’s also Naked Presets for each engine with a good base tune if you decide to build your own truck off of them. Most truck presets in the Meme_Pack also utilize assets from this pack and from the Front Engines pack if you want to get a feel for how I’ve done my tuning.
    Next, we go over all the parts included in this pack. There’s so many however, that its best to just list everything off as they come instead of trying to write a whole description that includes every single piece. A lot of the trucks in the Meme_Pack utilize one or more of these parts to let them behave unique as well.
    Parts Descriptions, credits and use cases for everything in gameboy3800’s_Adjustable_Addons:
    //Suspension or Wheel Parts
    CRD_Vintage_parts: reintroduction of ZF Axles! They’ve been buffed in strength as well to allow for heavier landings than the old CRD 1.16 days. They can be wobbly, so I only recommend you use them on your own accord. There are no trucks in any of these packs that use them in a preset. These parts can only be equipped via the Parts Menu on the normal CRD. Because the steering mechanics have changed so much since the ZFs were around, the hydros on the old axles are invisible, they do still function though. Original code by FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL, original model by rockgod88/blz, re-implemented and buffed to CRD 2.0+ by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Dual_Reservoir_Coilovers: these are the OG coilover model from way back in the crd 1.15/1.16 betas. I always thought they looked cool, so I’ve brought them back! Model by Blz, code and re-implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Steering_(Adjustable Steering Wheel): a special steering option that lets you adjust how many times the steering wheel needs to turn to get a full lock. This could help users with wheel setups have an easier time driving, or it could be used just to have a different look when in first person. For some reason, the Degrees adjustment slider appears twice, but they both move when you move one, so it works out just fine. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_BKT_Tires_(High_Pressure): normal BKT tires, but they have the ability to be pushed to 40psi instead of the stock 15psi! This can lead to insane air! Not recommended for normal use, just for send-it style stunt jumps. Code and implementation by gameboy3800.
    //Body Mods
    CRD_More_Bedcovers: additional bedcovers to put on other pickup bodies select body panel slots (hoods, racerbacks) on certain pickup bodies. This pack includes presets for KFA2 and Voodoo Omen with the addition of a bedcover so you can see how they’ve been implemented so you can make your own custom truck! Model by BeamNG, Model Editing and implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transparent_Sponsorplates: Sponsorplates that are a little bit more transparent than normal to help avoid the strange visual bugs that normal plates present. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_More_Flags: adds more flag mount points. Not exactly flawless in execution but it can help make  creating more replica trucks more doable. Bendy code by blz, main code by gameboy3800.
    //Power Adding or Unique Handling Engine Mods
    Base Ford Engine Power figures for future reference: 1500 HP/1538 FT-LB
    CRD_Fake_Turbocharger: Its a turbocharger option for the normal Ford Engine to give a unique driving experience, no visual change to engine model bc too much effort. It also adds a little extra smoke to the exhaust.  It can be equipped to the Ford Performance Engine via Parts Menu. You are able to adjust its power to stupid levels via the Tuning Menu! Stock Power Figures: 1410 HP/1557 FT-LB Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Insanely_Fake/Real_Turbocharger: same as above, but this is intentionally made to break CRD because of how much power it gives. It is only selectable on the Insane Durability Engine from the BLZ Pack. Engine model does change if you select the ‘Real’ one, but it looks odd. As such the fake one is still there if you don’t like the real one. You can make it even more stupid by boosting it further from the Tuning Menu! Stock Power Figures: 30973 HP/27855 FT-LB. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Fake_Procharger: It’s a different kind of supercharger that can be equipped to the Diesel and Ford Engines. It behaves very similarly to a turbocharger and can build a ton of boost, but has way less grunt down low compared to a good turbo or normal supercharger, most effective at high rpms. It can also be adjusted in the Tuning Menu! The engine model does not change bc too much effort. Stock Power Figures: 1299 HP/1033 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Twin_Screw_8:71_Blower: a Twin Screw version of the normal 8:71 Roots blower that fits both Ford and Merlin Engines; it sacrifices a little bit of torque for substantial horsepower gains. It is available through the Engine Parts Menu for both Ford and Merlin engines, and is fully tunable! Stock Power Figures: 1792 HP/1365 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Turbocharger_Tuned: An optional Modified Turbocharger selectable on the Diesel Engine via Parts Menu to give a power bump and way less turbo lag to handle more like a Procharger/Supercharger with a sick Flutter sound when off throttle! It also has some more wiggle room if you tune it in the Tuning Menu! Stock Power Figures: 1521 HP/ 2036 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Fake_Procharger_Twin: a procharger option for the Twin Merlin Engines to allow for either very low or very high power. Huge performance range. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Real_Turbocharger: a normal turbocharger option for the insane engine that actually changes the intake model. It performs more or less the same as a normal fake turbocharger for the regular Ford engine, but it now looks as it should for the most part. Turbo and Intake model by BeamNG, texture help by Mike Bev, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Headers_Twin_Turbos: a twin turbo option for the normal Merlin engine that gets equipped to the exhaust slot. This allows you to run a Merlin with both the standard Supercharger AND Twin Turbos at the same time; a true TwinCharger setup (I dub it the Super Double Twincharger)! Both work in tandem to give both optimal torque and optimal wheelspeed! It’s even got the sick turbo whistle to boot! Both the normal blower and new turbos are fully independent and can be tuned individually to fit any performance goal. Maxing both turbos and blower out can explode the engine though, so watch out! Turbo models by BeamNG, model help by Mike Bev, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_PowerAdder_Zoomies: Zoomie exhaust pipes that add power. Pretty self explanatory. These fit onto any normal Merlin engine. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Nitro_Exhaust: Hater exhaust pipes that add power and have a cool flame effect to boot! These fit onto any normal Merlin engine. You can even tune how much power they add! There are multiple Hater Nitro Headers! Code, sound, and flame implementation by gameboy3800.
    //Engine Specific Parts
    CRD_NA_Intake_Ford540: I was granted permission to use Blz’s NA intake model from his Blz Pack to put on my Customizable Ford Engine project.
    CRD_10:71_Blower_Ford540: adds the ability to put on the 10:71 blower onto the Customizable Ford Engine. Using stock mod models, code by Blz, implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Turbocharger: The Standard Turbocharger option when you equip a Diesel Engine to the CRD Monster Truck, it is a REAL Turbo with lag, sound and all! It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. You can tune it a little bit via the Tuning Menu as well! Maximum Power Figures (stock power figures seen further below): 1471 HP/1963 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Fueltanks_Diesel: Diesel Fuel tanks that must be equipped in order to use the new Diesel engine options, otherwise they don’t even start. Selectable on all chassis via parts menu. They hold a little bit more fuel than the normal tank to allow for extended runs! Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Electric_Batteries: replace your fuel tank with huge batteries to power the electric motor! Model edits and implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Radiator_V12: a more powerful radiator for the V12 Engine to keep it actually derivable. It is on by default when equipping the V12 Engine. Code by gameboy3800
    CRD_Radiator_Diesel: a more powerful radiator for the diesel engines to keep them actually derivable. It is on by default when equipping a Diesel Engine. Code by gameboy3800
    CRD_Revlimiter_Diesel: An adjustable Rev Limiter (Soft) for the Diesel Engines to allow you to bring it down below 3000rpm for more realistic runs, as by default it can rev to almost 5500rpm, which while not impossible for a diesel engine to achieve, its not very realistic. It revs high by default to remain competitive to the normal engines. If you bring the revs down, you’ll need to adjust the torque converter accordingly to get a usable rev range! Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Revlimiter_V12: Allows full RPM Tuning for the V12 Engine. This is a soft rev limiter, so it does allow for a little bit of overrev to make RPM characteristics more predictable or to allow for easier shifting. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_572_blower: the standard supercharger option for the 572 Ford Big Block. Can be fitted with triple carburetors or remove the air filter for a bit more power as well! Model by cjanezich on 3D Warehouse, Code and Sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Compound_Turbochargers: a special turbo setup for the v8 diesel engine to allow the best mix of throttle response and maximum power by using a small turbo that feeds into a larger one; the small one builds boost very quick for good throttle response, and the large one spins very fast to build huge power! Code, model and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_572_NA: a Naturally Aspirated intake option for the Chevy 572 Big Block Motor to counter its stock Twin Turbos. Model by Ian @ 3D Warehouse, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    //MISC Engine Bits
    CRD_Adjustable_Radiator: a Tunable radiator for 662, Ford and Merlin Engines, allows you to change how the Cooling behaves in the Tuning Menu. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Soft_Rev_Limiter: a non-adjustable rev limiter option that allows for some light overrevving for easier shifts, available on most powerplants via Parts Menu. For peak power, the standard Adjustable Rev Limiter is normally still the way to go. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_Adjustable_TC: A normal 2-speed shiftable automatic gearbox, but the torque converter is fully unlocked in the tuning menu! I believe that’s a first for CRD! Equip this to any Engine to gain full control over how much or how little power goes to the wheels! Adjustment sliders are found at the bottom of the Tuning Menu once equipped! Code based off stock gearboxes, implemented by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_Diesel: a 3-speed manual gearbox that is used to better utilize the extra torque from the Turbo Diesel Engine. You’ve really got to adjust your driving style with this, as being in the right gear is absolutely critical with the Diesel Engine! It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. All 3 gears are still able to be tuned via Tuning Menu to better fit your driving style or Tune goals. Comes with a built in Torque Converter Adjuster, accessible at the bottom of the tuning menu. Code based off stock gearboxes, implemented by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_Diesel_2spd: a Normal 2 speed transmission for the Diesel Engines for those more used to driving with the 2speed box. It is selectable via the parts menu of a Diesel Engine. Code based off stock gearboxes, implemented by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_Electric_2spd: a Normal 2 speed transmission for the Electric Motor for those more used to driving with the 2speed box. It is selectable via the parts menu. Code based off stock gearboxes, implemented by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_V12: a gearbox built to handle the insane torque but lower rpm of the v12 engine. Optional Adjustable Torque Converter variant selectable from parts menu. Code based off stock gearboxes, implemented by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_Vintage: A 4-speed automatic gearbox that you can use on the 662, Ford and Merlin Engines to better replicate vintage trucks or for those who find it difficult to shift normally. Works very well with the Soft Rev Limiter, but can be used standalone. Selectable via Ford, Merlin, and 662 Big Block Engine Parts Menu. All the gears can still be tuned in the Tuning Menu to fit your driving style. You can also get some insane top speeds with it! Code based off stock gearboxes, implemented by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Transmission_Select: the slot used to determine which transmission option you would like to run on the Customizable Ford engine. Code and slot implementation by gameboy3800.
    //Other Exhaust Options
    CRD_Magnaflow_Headers_Flipped: normal magnaflow unmuffled headers, but rotated 180 degrees to give a different look. Selectable on both normal and Twin Merlin engine options. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Adjustable_Headers: These are exhaust options on both the Merlin and 662 Big Block engine that allow you to customize how your truck sounds and performs! Comes in 2 variants on Merlin: Adjutable Hookers and Adjustable Hater Hookers, and Adjustable Hater Hookers spawn as the default option on the 662 Big Block! The V12’s smoke/afterfire can also be adjusted. Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Hater_Headers: Different looking exhaust options that are based off the normal exhaust pipe models, just flipped upside down! The results look surprisingly clean and natural with minimal clipping when equipped to the Merlin. Hater Pipe options include the Hater Magnaflows, Hater Hookers and more! When put on the 662 Big Block, the Hater Mags do clip some bodies, however I’ve made sure that they don’t cause any strange shaking by making them non-collidable. The Ford Engine hasn’t been left out, it gets the Hater Gordons! The V12 gets its own unique automation Hater Headers as standard. Some texture help by Mike Bev, Model placement and exhaust Code by gameboy3800.
    CRD_Diesel_Pipes: Various exhaust options for the V8 Diesel Engine. Includes small vertical stacks in various locations to clear different rooflines, a downward firing pipe to allow use for closed trucks, and even a hood exit pipe if you have the front engines pack installed!
    CRD_572_headers: The Standard exhaust Headers for the 572 Ford Big Block, although it can be fitted with normal Merlin engine headers as well. Model by cjanezich on 3D Warehouse, Code and Sound Implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_572_Block2: a second engine block option for the Ford 572 to allow for more power and to give a different look. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    //NEW Motors
    CRD_Electric_motor: An upscaled ETK Electric Motor that gives instant torque! Comes standard with a 1speed gearbox much like real electric vehicles, but there is an optional 2speed gearbox if you’re used to it, although entirely unnecessary. Stock Power Figures: 1532hp/1656FT-LB. Code and Sound Implementation by gameboy3800 with texture help from Mike Bev.
    CRD_500CI_Gavril_V8_Diesel_Engine: a beefed up 6.0 Diesel engine from the base game trucks and vans, upscaled from 6.0L to 8.0L to better fit the CRD. This is the most realistic Diesel Engine for the CRD by far, and it performs exceptional if I do say so myself. It has single, twin, and compound turbocharger options to give different driving characteristics. Single turbo holds boost better but takes awhile to get up to full power, while twin turbos can spool up faster and give more peak torque and horsepower, and Compound Turbos give a good mix of both. This engine sounds sick and is actually competitive in terms of power figures! Give it a try! Engine and Turbo models by BeamNG, Texture help by Mike Bev, Engine/Turbo scaling, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_662CI_Big_Block_NA: This is an ongoing project I’ve started just because I wanted to see if I could do it, I made the largest pushrod V8 I could in automation, and I’ve put it into the CRD! It’s a Naturally Aspirated beast of an engine that’s got custom Hater Magnaflow and Hater Hooker Headers, Turned upside down! Very unique look, and with automation sounds, this is where I discovered how to be able to get new CRD sounds without needing to use the ancient SBEAM format or be locked down with the newer FMOD Format. It runs, drives and spawns good! I’m excited to see what trucks people build with it! Stock Power Figures: 1317 HP/906 FT-LB. Engine Model made in Automation by gameboy3800, Exhaust Pipes flipped by gameboy3800 with Material & Color Help by Mike Bev.
    CRD_994CI_V12: This was made to prove you could put multiple sound sources into one mod without conflicts. However I thought why not go completely overkill! Swap this in only if you think you can tame the beast! Bonus: it also gets nitrous! Fun fact, this engine uses both Automation AND FMOD sounds at the same time, which gives a very unique sound to it. Stock Power Figures: 1811HP/2080 FT-LB. Engine Model made by gameboy3800 in Automation. Engine Code by gameboy3800, Material and Engine placement help by Mike Bev.
    CRD_Ford_Customizable_Engine: a normal 540ci Ford Performance Motor from the main mod, except now it can be fitted with a ton more options, such new superchargers, different scoops, single or twin turbos, and more! It can run any existing transmission in either my pack or main mod, so you can truly make a tune your own! Code and slot implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_572CI_Big_Block: a new Ford engine option! Its got a ton of torque, but a little bit less revs than the standard 540ci engines. It can be fitted with nitrous as well! Personally this is one of my favorite features for this pack! It’s got a ton of options like intakes and engine block swaps! Stock Power Figures: 1668HP/1821 FT-LB. Model by cjanezich on 3D Warehouse. Texture help by Mike Bev. Animation, Code and Sound Implementation by gameboy3800.
    CRD_572CI_Chevrolet_Big_Block_TT: a new Chevy engine option! It’s got two intake options; Twin Turbos or Naturally-Aspirated. I’ve done a lot of work with ford motors recently so I thought I’d balance it out by adding a second Chevrolet option! Engine and Twin Turbo models by ram0761 @ 3D Warehouse, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.
    That’s all that’s in the mod so far, check back later to see if there’s anything new! Thanks for reading all the way through, now get out there and see what you can build with these parts!


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  3. Mjam Pack

    Body Models-
    2003 Silverado -  PM Customs
    2010 Dodge Ram - RockCrwlr
    2010 Dodge Ram Bumper - @rockgod88
    2008 F-250, 1994 Dodge Ram - Andrew Sheets
    1969 F100 Ranger - Treevus
    1969 F100 Ranger Edits - @Develop Terron
    2019 Octon8tor, 2005 Custom Taz - Edy Beltran
    Original - @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL
    Edits - @Mjamfan22@Mike Bev
    FTI Torque, Hurricane Force, ProMT Predator, Fiesta - @Mike Bev
    Nitemare, Bearfoot, Rampage - @Bobcat
    Bulldozer - @Jam Customs @Mike Bev
    Obsessed Wear - @Develop Terron
    Obessed Wraps - Obsessed Team
    Octon8tor Skin - Edy Beltran
    Mopar Thunder - @D Fiddy
    Flag Ship - @smmatt
    Every Other Skin (Like seriously... a lot) - @jedipresence
    2005 Expedition UV - @DjTerronF
    2010 Dodge Ram - @rockgod88
    Packing Skins-
    V1 - @Freddy5404
    V2 - @Mike Bev
    V3 - @Freddy5404
    V4 - @Mike Bev
    V2.2 - @Mike Bev
    Racer back Lights - @guardblast3
    Underglow for Toxic - @Develop Terron & @jedipresence


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  4. Blz Pack v4.1 (Swaybar hotfix)

    4.1 : Fixed front PEI Swaybars, Fixed double Slick tire glitch, minor naming fix
    4.0 :
    - New Hemi Engine!
    -2.0 Compatible
    -New Presets
    -New Props
    -Fixed + Updated tractor Tires
    Along with update for 2.0
    Adjustable wheelbase 
    Anderson suspension + axles

    Note, it is MANDATORY to DELETE BlzPack3 if you still have it!!!

    Mike Bev - Thumbnails!
    Wave @SM - Jester 2020 paint!
    JediPresence - Pre-modification paint files!
    Micah @SM - Awesome Digger paints
    ZonR+Fern - New Downsweep and Upsweep headers
    Wambo @ SM - Hemi Engine base!
    Andrew sheets @SM - Michelin tires
    Johan @SM - Original Split wheel
    Me - Jbeam, work with paints, 
    FernBurn @SM - King sling rims! + Original Southern W+T mesh
    FS17 - Tractor tire models


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  5. Bobcat Creations Pack

    This is a pack of skins created for myself and a few other drivers in the BMPML series. There is also a few personal skins as well as a replica of Rislone Defender. The is also 9 different new headers that work on the Merlin, Ford and Hemi engines. In addition to the headers, there is also 3 new "rim covers" that are sadly not selectable but can be tied into a skin for custom trucks. There is a new bowtie made for the Defender replica that is selectable in the bowtie section.
    There is a header type that is designed only for the CRD3 chassis, these headers are called Flowtech Derby Headers. There is no way at the moment to make them exclusive to a chassis. This is important to know, if you put this type of header on the CRD chassis they will clip through the chassis. The correct version of the Flowtech Derby Headers for the CRD chassis is named Flowtech Upright Headers. They are designed to pass through the CRD chassis correctly.
    Special Thanks to everyone in the Dev team for their help and input on this project. This pack may not have happened without the nudges of some Dev members for me to do a pack.
    Required Mods:
    All headers, rim covers and bowtie within this pack created by Bobcat
    Rislone Defender by @Tsunami23
    Thanks to @guardblast3for showing me how to do the emissive headlights and the in cab lighting.


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  6. Grave Digger Vintage

    UPDATED!  Now functional with current CRD Versions!
    NOTE: The file name has changed from GraveDiggerVintage to CRD_GraveDiggerVintage, make sure you delete the old one!!!
    I'm just learning how to code, and mod. Constructive criticism only.
    This is a Repli-Custom version of the Red Grave Digger on the old Ford Body.
    FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL, jedipresence for CRD Monster Truck.
    Mjamfan22 and Mike Bev for jbeam
    Noogis for Body/Skin
    RedLine for help along the way
    And to all the beta testers that made this happen.
    Required to work:


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  7. CRD Classics

    It's time for a throwback!  This pack includes the BeamNG company skins by the original graphic artist Acapaldi and the pick-up Grip-All truck by @jedipresenceoriginally found in the main CRD zip.  These were initially made so that the mod had some repo-friendly content, but now that we're no longer on the repository they are now their own pack!  The Grip-All Tires are also included in this pack with a brand new 4k Texture by @jedipresence.  This pack was made to be compatible with 2.0, enjoy!
    Trucks include:
    Alder, Blastr, Bomb Squad, Dodge Destruction, Dreid, Driving School, Grip-All (Trophy Truck and F-150), Hirochi, LOL Nitrous Systems, NO MATERIAL, Nomi, Patience, Plum Crazy, Sparky, Trilobite


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