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Developer Addons

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  1. Bev Pack

    Make sure to remove Classics, Mtn Dew, Jam Customs, and Spence packs!
    One of the largest packs to Beam-Monsters ranging from various skins to new body, part, and tire inclusions.
    This pack includes:
    1954 Corvette ProMod - John Dough@Sim-Monsters and Hydro@Sim-Monsters
    1979 Ford F-250 "Mudder" - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters and Aaron Frederick
    2000 "Chevscalade" - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters.com and Klayton Halog@Sim-Monsters.com, edited by @Mike Bev
    2000 F-150 - John Dough@Sim-Monsters
    2005 Silverado - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters.com, Racerbacks by @Bobcat
    2007 Custom Panther - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters.com
    2009 Dodge Ram DCT Cuts and Dump Bed - @Bobcat
    2014 Custom Quad - Zack Steele@Sim-Monsters and @Bobcat
    Firestone Turf Tires, Pezo Tires - SealedGecko@Sim-Monsters, Textures by @Bobcat
    Del Scorcho Flames - Edy@Sim-Monsters
    2008 F-150 Bed Cover - @Bobcat
    1950 Panel Van Top Hat - @MrHumanTarget
    2005 Expedition Hood - @Develop Terron
    32 Degrees (Alternate), Bad Habit (2009, 2010 and Debut), Batista, Bearfoot, Budweiser, Carolina Crusher (2003 Silverado), Carolina Crusher (Trophy Truck), Crash Recruit (SUV and Green SUV), Crash Test Dummy, Del Scorcho, Dirt Crew (Standard, 2021), Enforcer (Schott), Excaliber (05, 08, 2021, Moler), Fiesta (05 and 08 Silverado), Gunslinger (Chevy, 1992, 1997, 2000, 2007, WF3), Haul Y'all, High Octane, Holiday Hauler, Hot Wheels (Pickup, OBS), Hot Wheels Racing 1 (Alt, Blue, Blue Alt), Hot Wheels Racing 4, Lightning Strike, Mechanical Mischief (Bev), MLB Bigfoot, Monster Energy (Trophy Truck), Octon8or Ice, Override (08 Silverado, 15 Silverado, 09 Ram), ProMT Predator (09 Ram, 2018, 2019), Predator (Debut), Ragin' Steel (standard, Barthel, Hartsock, custom), Rap Attack (05 and 08 Silverado), Razin' Kane (standard, 2020, Matte Black, 2021, Mud), Crusader (2 versions), Scorcher (Alternate), Smile More (14 F-250), Sting, Sting 2, Stone Crusher (Blue, 2020, 2021, 02 and 08 Schluter), Storm Damage (2016, 2018, Late 2018, 2019, 2020, Blue 2020, Blue), Tide, Vette King, Wild Side (Bev), WTF Mega Truck - @Mike Bev
    Little Tiger - MonsterJamOCD and @Mike Bev
    Against the Grain - @Mike Bevand Brad Shippert
    Buckshot, Quad Chaos (Green, Pink), Storm Damage (2021), Wasted Nites - @Zack PRD
    Devastator, The Felon - AllMonster.com
    Scattered, Skull Krusher (Trophy Truck, 2021) - Mike Arndt
    Jailbird (Red, 2021), Nitro Menace - TK Motorsports
    Bayou Basher, Big Kahuna (Texas), Blue Thunder, Bulldozer (Jam Customs), Crush The Stigma, Foust, FTI Torque, FTI Torque (Blue), Hawaiian Punch, King Krunch, Monster Jam World Finals XXI (21), Nightmare Jester, Son-uva Digger (Hoonigan, Retro), Whiskey Throttle, Wild Card (made with Obsession Racing), Wild Side (Jam Customs), Wild Side (Retro), Stinger Unleashed, Relentless - @Jam Customs
    Ameriquest Freedom, Thor - Levi Schones and @Mike Bev
    Predator - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters
    Predator (2021) - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters and @Mike Bev
    Alder, Blastr, Bomb Squad, Canadian Carnage, Dodge Destruction, Dreid, Driving School, Electric Blue, Grip-All (Trophy Truck), Hirochi, LOL Nitrous Systems, NO MATERIAL, Nomi, Patience, Plum Crazy, Sparky, Trilobite, Firestone Bigfoot (Obsession), Identity Theft (Debut) - acapaldi
    Alien Invasion (Black, Gears, Inverse), Bakugan Dragonoid (Inverse), Brodozer (Inverse, Mud), Max-D Gears, Megalodon (Display, RMKT 2018, 2019, 2020), Northern Nightmare (Inverse), Soldier Fortune Black Ops Fire, Soldier Fortune Gears - @jedipresence and @Mike Bev
    Grip-All (F-150) - @jedipresence
    Carolina Crusher (05 Silverado, Square) - @AceSpence95 and @Mike Bev
    Bear Foot, Black Widow, Double Trouble, Hannibal Mud Truck, Hot Tamale, Just Show 'n' Off, Kamikaze, Kimosabe, No Problem! Outlaw, Podium Crasher, Sriracha, Sudden Impact, Tannerite, UNOH Intimidator, Venom (SUV & Silverado), Wildfoot (Trophy Truck) - @AceSpence95
    Dairy Air, Gone Postal, Samurai, Thrash Mode - @AceSpence95 and @Jam Customs
    Identity Theft - Micah
    Just Get-Er-Done II Packer Fastener -  MK Motorsports
    Dump Rod - @troy57lee
    Freakshow - @MrHumanTarget and @Mike Bev


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  2. Mjam Pack

    CRD Body Models-
    1941 Willys - Edy, Killswitch
    1948 Willys Truck - Klayton Halog, Chris Hamilton, and @Mjamfan22
    1967 Jeep Kaiser M715 - John Dough
    2003 Silverado -  PM Customs
    2009 Dodge Ram - RockCrwlr
    2009 Dodge Ram Bumper - @rockgod88
    2009 Dodge Ram Lettering - @NKSPRODUCTIONS96
    2008 F-250 Super Duty, 1994 Dodge Ram, 2003 Silverado Bumper - Andrew Sheets
    1969 F100 Ranger - Treevus
    1969 F100 Ranger Edits - @Develop Terron, @Bobcat
    2019 Octon8tor, 2005 Custom Taz - Edy Beltran
    2021 Custom Reptile - Steele and @Develop Terron
    CRC Body Models-
    1967 Chevy Nova -  Voth@Sim-Monsters
    2008 Ford F-150 - Andrew Sheets
    2019 Black Panther - John Dough
    Original - @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL
    Edits - @Mjamfan22@Mike Bev
    Blucifer, Blue Thunder (Built Ford Tough, Vaters), Bounty Hunter (2013, 2014, Custom), Godzilla, Grave Digger Fire & Ice (Regular, Glow),
    Iron Outlaw (Black, Red), Max-D (Red Jared), Mohawk Warrior (2012), National Treasure, Obsessed (Standard, 2017), Octon8or (Fire, Overcast),
    Player Four (Standard, 90s, Mongol, Official, Pandemic), Red Ram, Scarlet Bandit (2009, 2015, 2016, 2019), Superman (2011, WF14), The Exodarus, Taz,
    Toxic, Toxic 2.0, Wild Hair, Wild Hair Bloodbath, Captain's Curse Red, Captain's Curse Black - @jedipresence
    Red Hot 2020 - CMDeerfoot@Sim-Monsters
    Red Hot 2022 - @Abroopt
    Black Panther, Saigon Shaker - John Dough
    Mr. Destruction - @Gio_Designs
    FTI Torque, Hurricane Force, ProMT Predator - @Mike Bev
    Bearfoot, Nitemare, Rampage - @Bobcat
    Bulldozer, FTI Torque (Debut) - @Jam Customs @Mike Bev
    Obsessed Wear, Obsessed McCoy Freightliner - @Develop Terron
    Green Machine - @guardblast3
    Blue Crush - @Hawk005
    Obessed 2020 - Obsessed TeamOcton8tor- Edy Beltran
    Mopar Thunder - @D Fiddy
    Flag Ship - @smmatt
    Flagship - Smmat
    Wretched Willys - @Zack PRD
    Reptoid, Reptoid Salutes - @Chazzymp
    Son Uva Digger Truck - @Mjamfan22 and @jedipresence
    Bog Hog - The Anderson's and @jedipresence
    T.ray Bounty Hunter - @jedipresence and @tyler

    2005 Expedition UV - @DjTerronF
    2010 Dodge Ram - @rockgod88
    Update Help- @Freddy5404 and @Mike Bev
    Racer back Lights, F-100 Brake Lights - @guardblast3
    Underglow for Toxic - @Develop Terron & @jedipresence

    Will need this for mud trucks:


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  3. Bobcat Creations Pack

    Here is the long awaited update to the Bobcat Creations Pack. This pack has been 9 months in the making and it has grown larger than I ever thought this update would become. Last update the was a little over 20 skins and now has over 60 skins. In this update you will find many new new additions to the headers as well as a new rim insert. The rims Inserts have been moved to the new slot under the rims so they can now be selected as needed instead of having to be wrote into the jbeam code for the skin. Much like the Flags the Rim Inserts now have selectable skin for them once you select the insert of choice. The new bodies in this up date are the 81 Dodge Ram, 87 F150 (Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Bronco), 92 F150 (OBS) (Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Bronco), 2017 Nissan Titan Custom and the long awaited return on the 81 K10 (Square Body) (Regular Cab and Quad Cab). There are tons of options for both the F150's and the K10's.
                              I hope everyone enjoys this update as well as the other Dev pack updates. Its been a long road but we are finally finished and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I can't thank @Mike Bevenough for all the Jbeam work he put into these bodies for me. Anything I had an idea about trying to do he was all for trying it out. Massive shout out to @Zack PRD for his great skins that he made which in turn expanded my pack beyond my hopes. Another big thank you to @jedipresence for killing the skin for wreckreation and allowing me to bring his Doomblade truck back to life on the new square body. Ow yeah and that Renacer skin (you know you wanted the body style made). Special Thanks to the rest of the  Dev team for their help and input throughout this update development.
                            One last special thank you to @WorpeX for sending me the wrap graphic he got from Zane Rettew for Bearly Tame. This was a truck that was one my "must be done" list once I started working on the 92 F150 body. This wrap probably wouldn't have been done had it not been for him sending me the graphic. So I extend a personal thank you for that. Bearly Tame will also be my ride in the upcoming season 2 Beam Monster All Out Tour.
    Models By @Bobcat
    1973 Chevrolet K10
    1981 Dodge Ram
    1981 Chevrolet K10
    1981 Chevrolet K10 Quad Cab
    1987 Ford F150
    1987 Ford F150 Super Cab
    1987 Ford Bronco
    1992 Ford F150
    1992 Ford F150 Super Cab
    1992 Ford Bronco
    2013 Custom Train
    2017 Nissan Titan
    2017 Nissan Titan Custom
    New 4" Steve Combs shocks
    All Headers and addtional parts
    Lights By @guardblast3
    Skins By @Bobcat
    American Graffiti
    Backlash (2003)
    Backlash (2008)
    Bearly Tame (2020)
    Bearly Tame (2021)
    Bearly Tame (Pretty Wicked Chassis)
    Bearly Tame (Stinger Unleashed Body)
    Big N' Nasty
    Bigfoot 8 (Debut)
    Bigfoot 8 (Racer)
    Bigfoot 10
    Bigfoot Cruiser
    Carolina Crusher (Custom)
    Mopar Magic 4
    Mopar Magic (Custom)
    Concert For Aliens
    Dirt Crew (Retro)
    Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel (Purple)
    Fallen Angel (Willys)
    Heavy Medal
    Jersey Outlaw 2
    Jus' Shown Off
    King Kong 3
    Master Of Disaster (2021)
    WV Mountaineer
    WV Mountaineer (OBS)
    WV Mountaineer (Custom)
    Axmen (World Finals 2020)
    Axmen (Night Fire)
    Monster Trucks Then And Now
    Monster Trucks Then And Now Ventage
    Monster Trucks Then And Now Legendary
    Nissan Titan
    Pretty Wicked
    Redneck's Rage
    Trail Master
    The Legend
    Throttle Popper
    Skins By @jedipresence
    Doomblade Ice (Bobcat Edit)
    Skins By @Zack PRD
    Bad News Travels Fast (2021)
    Power Wheels Bigfoot
    Bigfoot Power Wheels
    Heavy Hitter 2016
    Heavy Hitter 2021
    Holman's BEAST
    Krazy Train
    Reckless Drivin (2020)
    Reckless Drivin (2019)
    Reckless Drivin (2018)
    Twisted Addiction (OBS)
    Virginia Giant

    Skins By @RuddRulez
    Bigfoot 11 (1993)
    Hot Pursuit
    No Problem! 3 (1992)
    No Problem! 3 (1993)
    Extreme Overkill (1993)
    Wildfoot (Debut)

    Skins By @Tsunami23
    Rislone Defender
    Trail King
    Skins By @Docholiday
    King Krunch (2021)

    Skins By @bradshawdesign01 (put in game by @Bobcat)
    American Scout
    Required Mods:


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  4. Blz Pack v5.0

    5.0 :
    - New Cantilever suspension
    -Updated PC files
    -Fixes and upgrades for wheels, tires, suspensions
    -TH400 Transmission by Wambo
    -More to come!
    -2.5 Compatible
    4.1 : Fixed front PEI Swaybars, Fixed double Slick tire glitch, minor naming fix
    4.0 :
    - New Hemi Engine!
    -2.0 Compatible
    -New Presets
    -New Props
    -Fixed + Updated tractor Tires
    Along with update for 2.0
    Adjustable wheelbase 
    Anderson suspension + axles

    Note, it is MANDATORY to DELETE BlzPack4 if you still have it!!!

    Mike Bev - Thumbnails!
    Wave @SM - Jester 2020 paint!
    JediPresence - Pre-modification paint files!
    Micah @SM - Awesome Digger paints
    ZonR+Fern - New Downsweep and Upsweep headers
    Wambo @ SM - Hemi Engine base!
    Andrew sheets @SM - Michelin tires
    Johan @SM - Original Split wheel
    Me - Jbeam, work with paints, 
    FernBurn @SM - King sling rims! + Original Southern W+T mesh
    FS17 - Tractor tire models


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  5. gameboy3800's CRD Addon Packs, Engines, Loading Screens & More!

    Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again! This here is the page where you can find all my non-cursed mods for the BeamNG Monster Truck Community! Previously each zip was its own page, and could be a little hard to find. Now though all the main attractions are right here in Developer Addons! I do not want this page to be actually 6 books long, so I’ve included the credits and part documentation for each zip in another file if you like seeing the behind the scenes of creating a mod like me and the other BeamNG Monster Truck Mod developers!
    Before continuing, please make sure that you've got all the mods seen on the Developer Addons page to make sure everything will be fully functional. As well, when updating mods you should always clear your cache to avoid texture or mod problems!
    Here’s the rundown of what's new in my v7.1 packs:
    Adjustable Addons V7.1:
    New parts:
    NEW 454CI Chevy Engine for LowHP setups (lots of presets and stages available), and a all new fully adjustable Transfercase! Added Adjustable BKT3, Ukraine & Goodyear Tires! Added Stronger Suspension to CRC! Added Upsweep header options to Ford Motors. Brand New truck, Black Magic made by @Skinner& I to be the new face of the Adjustable Addons Mod!  
    Revamped stuff:
    Added new intake options to the Chevy 572 and 632 Big Block Motors. Added the option to make the Shoebox magnaflows rob some engine power. Added Simulation versions of the normal Ford and Merlin motors to have a more accurate powerband. Made CRD Stronger Suspension actually stronger again.  
    Fixed stuff:
    Chevy 572 mesh adjustments. Fixed Ford 540 Customizable motor's Procharger Pulley being half invisible
    Front Engines v7.1:
    New stuff:
    Adjustable Addon's 632CI Dart motor can be fitted up front for the new set bonus!  
    Revamped stuff:
    Front 632 Chevy motor can now have a Procharger intake system to give you more power! File Cleanup  
    Loading Screens:
    Are BACK! Now with new Main Menu pictures to boot!
    Automation Engines:
    662CI V8 and 994CI V12 moved from Adjustable Addons to here. WAY better Automation V8 Sounds! Automation V8 Sounds now selectable and tunable with a volume slider on other motors for CRD and CRC!
    Rescale Mod:
    A brand new mod that can fundamentally change the size, weight, and driving characteristics of CRD!
    Rescaled chassis options are their own dropdown to keep from clogging main chassis slot. Chassis’: Lightweight mod, Double-Scale Mod, and Half-Scale Mod. Lightweight Mod: a normal CRD Chassis, but it's been trimmed up a bit, and weighs significantly less than a standard chassis! Double Scale Mod: Do you like big trucks...? How about REALLY BIG trucks...? How about REALLY BIG trucks...? Get 200% scaled trucks! Half Scale Mod: Do you like big trucks...? Oh you don't? Well don't worry, I've gotcha covered! You're now able to shrink down your favorite trucks to 50% their normal size! Included Presets for Double Scale Mod: REAL Megalodon and Overbored DoubleScale edition. Included Presets for Halfscale Mod: BeamNG B, BeamNG C and Grave Digger 34 Halfscale edition. Set bonus: if you have Adjustable Addons installed, you can install a small electric motor to the HalfScale mod!  

    Meme Pack:
    Although memes isnt on this page here’s what’s new in it regardless:
    New parts: Tall suspension options, big wheel options, long chassis options. None of it makes sense, I just did it for fun. Added twin Radial Airplane engines to long chassis as well. Don’t ask why. Added flipped F150 Crewcab body to work with Gio’s Backwards Bob. Added all the necessary parts to make Monster Max 2.0, accessories by Redline. Monster Max 2.0 requires Front Engines and Adjustable Addons to work.
    New mod: added fen’s ancient Roblox meme truck. Don’t ask why.
    Revamps: slightly fixed backwards f150 body.
    Fixes: I arguably didn’t make things better this time round… lol.
    I think there's a new engine in there, can't be sure.
    (double check you dont have duplicate meme pack zips to not cause issues, only keep the newest one!)
    You can find Meme Pack here: 

    That’s it for now, get out there and break something!


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  6. Ride Truck

    The long awaited next ride truck update is finally here with 2 brand new/revised roll cages featuring an SUV version and a pick up variation all with an improved jbeam thanks to Mr Bev himself
    YOU MUST HAVE Gameboys front engine pack for this to work because it is spawned under the barstow engine if you havent spawned a premade config
    Big thanks to Jedi, Mike, Tex and Skratch for letting me use their skins for this mod. Bobcat for blender help, cleaning up the seat box and seat textures. Then finally Gameboy for the engine, jbeam, troubleshooting and helping me out to create this mod


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