Classic CRD Sounds 1.0.0

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Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again, and today I’ve decided to bring back some nostalgia! These are the sound files ripped right out of the old CRD 1.15 mod, and I’ve brought them back as an optional addon to give more sound options!

While this pack does bring back the old sounds, you should know its limits: If you install this pack, it will be the only sounds you hear for the CRD, regardless of how you’ve tuned your trucks or what engine you use. You should also NEVER have both this zip and the Sounds Mod found in the Essentials tab installed at the same time, as that could lead to an even bigger mess.

That all being said, if you don’t like any of the new sounds and just want to go back, then this pack is for you! It gets chucked into the mods folder just like any other mod! Enjoy!

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