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Update 2.13: fixed stacking flags causing mod breaking, up to 4 flags can be equipped without issue, 5 if you have my Meme Pack!


Update 2.12: added like a bunch of new flag placement options, with noted precautions.


Update 2.11: a bunch of file management, new Front Mounted Diesel Engine Option, new Electric Motor, and more bedcover options! Enjoy!


note: The next major update will move the Semi Engine and Bus Engine to the Memes Pack, as they're essentially just memes now that the V8 Diesel Engine Exists.


Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again, this time with a very unique addon pack. This pack is something that’s been a long time in the making, in fact I first started working on this in the 1.14 days with Fen as a private mod. Back then, the Diesel Engine wasnt actually diesel at all, but instead it was just a slightly lower revving gas engine that made a lot of smoke and it overheated even with the BLZ insane radiator installed. Gearing was terrible as well. It was good looking from afar but far from good looking, in fact it barely worked.

Now though, that changes. I’ve combed through every line of code with all parts of the drivetrain to make it actually something to behold. I’ve fixed the engine behavior, it is now an actual diesel engine! Low revving, turbo boost, torque and all! To get the engine’s power down to the ground, I had to give it an entirely new transmission with a massively built up torque converter, 3 gears, and with no automatic mode to allow the best possible engine response with the much lower revs that the Diesel comes with. The radiator also doesn’t suck now so it can actually last a full run!

This pack is not only the Diesel Engine however, there’s tons more, including like 3 other engines! I’ve been brainstorming for the past few months to see what I could do to give the old CRD some much needed tuning potential and bring back some features that were axe’d in the past! This whole project has been a journey of finding out what I can and can’t bring to this mod; to really test my abilities, and I really do hope you enjoy it.

Some of the best inclusions of the Adjustable_Addons pack are: a brand new skin never seen before anywhere else; HUSHPOWER DIESEL! As well as the accompanying Turbo Diesel Engine that goes with it...erm sort of. Because you see, while it is actually a fully working Turbo Diesel Engine for the CRD Monster Truck, it’s ripped right out of the old Gavril T-Series Semi Truck. Its not a looker, but I’ve fine tuned it to near perfection. I hope you enjoy driving it as much as I had making it! Bonus, it might even be competitive in racing too with the right setup! I’ve even got the proper sounds to work, which is a first for CRD if I’m not mistaken (note: if you install the new sounds zip from the Essentials page or my Classic CRD Sounds, it will overwrite all the other engine sounds in this mod. So don’t install them if you want to hear the proper sounds for the Diesel or other Engines).

There’s a lot of things to go over, however I’ll save that for later down the page. I want to give a personal thank you to all of my youtube subscribers, this pack goes out to all of you, as well as all of the friends I’ve made in the Beam Monsters community! This is my gift to everyone!

New packs to download in order to allow everything to work properly: CRD 2.0+ (duh), MJam Pack (Hushpower utilizes the old Ram), BLZ Pack (some presets use blz tires,  blz shocks, or blz headers. Its not required to have a working truck though). You can also download my Front Engines mod to put a lot of these parts on front engines as well!

Further Prerequisites: Clear Cache after installing CRD 2.0, remove any mods that aren’t updated to 2.0 standards yet to avoid breaking stuff. Sometimes when swapping on some of these new parts to an existing truck or tune, it will carry over the old setup, and not drive as intended. To fix this, all you need to do is hit ‘Reset’ on the Tuning Menu page. This should fix lack of straight-line speed, odd engine behavior or lack of power.


I had to hand make Hushpower Diesel from nothing but very low quality jpegs I could only find on some russian websites, I am very proud how it turned out even if it isn’t 100% accurate. Hushpower is NOT to be redistributed to other websites or games, it is an EXCLUSIVE to the website for the CRD Monster Truck of BeamNG.Drive. If you see it anywhere else, please notify me asap.

The all new Silverado Prototype body was edited by me to be completely clear to look like a blank rc truck body, and it was made skinnable with help from Develop Terron, massive props to him! The Prototype skin is available on both the normal Silverado body and the Prototype Silverado body!

Other Credits: Massive personal thank you to @Mike Bev for reorganizing the Meme_Pack zip and the Adjustable_Addons zip to be more in line with 2.0 standards, I know it wasn’t easy. He also helped with a lot of materials for not only my packs, but for CRD as a whole. The mans a living encyclopedia for monster trucks. Thank you Mike.

There’s some truck presets in this pack so that its not just you hunting through the parts menu to see what’s new. They are: Unreal Speed Bigfoot (200mph+) that does exactly what it says, there’s also Naked Presets for each engine with a good base tune if you decide to build your own truck off of them, as well there’s two separate presets for Hushpower Diesel depending on how you want to drive it. Most truck presets in the Meme_Pack also utilize assets from this pack if you want to get a feel for how I’ve done my tuning. There's also a tune for Xtreme Diesel (Ram) that I've done to give people the real XDP Experience! The Xtreme Diesel Truck itself is found within @Kotarax's Replica Pack.

Next, we go over all the parts included in this pack. There’s so many however, that its best to just list everything off as they come instead of trying to write a whole description that includes every single piece. A lot of the trucks in the Meme_Pack utilize one or more of these parts to let them behave unique as well.

Parts Descriptions, credits and use cases for everything in gameboy3800’s_Adjustable_Addons:

Base Ford Engine Power figures for future reference: 1500 HP/1538 FT-LB

CRD_Twin_Merlins: We've already got the Front Engine CRD Chassis which is super cursed, why not take it to the extreme??? these special engine options are only for my new Front Engine Chassis. When you have both the Front Engines zip and the Adjustable Addons zip installed at the same time, you get some amazing set bonuses! You get the ability to equip all of my engines to the brand new Front Engine Chassis', as well as some unique tunes not seen anywhere else! Go check them out! Stock Power Figures: 3255HP/3264FT-LB. Code, chassis modifications and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Vintage_parts: reintroduction of ZF Axles! They’ve been buffed in strength as well to allow for heavier landings than the old CRD 1.16 days. They can be wobbly, so I only recommend you use them on your own accord. There are no trucks in either of these packs that use them in a preset. These parts can only be equipped via the Parts Menu on the normal CRD by selecting 'Vintage Suspension'. Because the steering mechanics have changed so much since the ZFs were around, the hydros on the old axles are invisible, they do still function though. Original code by  FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL, original model by @rockgod88/blz, re-implemented to CRD 2.0 by gameboy3800.

CRD_Steering_(Adjustable Steering Wheel): a special steering option that lets you adjust how many times the steering wheel needs to turn to get a full lock. This could help users with wheel setups have an easier time driving, or it could be used just to have a different look when in first person. For some reason, the Degrees adjustment slider appears twice, but they both move when you move one, so it works out just fine. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Fake_Turbocharger: Its a turbocharger option for the Ford and HEMI Engines to give a unique driving experience, no visual change to engine model bc too much effort. It also adds a little extra smoke to the exhaust.  It can be equipped to the Ford Performance Engine and HEMI Performance Engine via Parts Menu. You are able to adjust its power to stupid levels via the Tuning Menu! Stock Power Figures: 1410 HP/1557 FT-LB on ford, 1542HP/1676FT-LB on HEMI.  Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Insanely_Fake_Turbocharger: same as above, but this is intentionally made to break CRD because of how much power it gives. It is only selectable on the Insane Durability Engine from the BLZ Pack. Engine Model seems to remove intake when it’s installed and idk why. You can make it even more stupid by boosting it further from the Tuning Menu! Stock Power Figures: 30973 HP/27855 FT-LB. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Fake_Procharger: It’s a different kind of supercharger that can be equipped to the Diesel and Ford Engines. It behaves very similarly to a turbocharger and can build a ton of boost, but has way less grunt down low compared to a good turbo or normal supercharger, most effective at high rpms. It can also be adjusted in the Tuning Menu! The engine model does not change bc too much effort. Stock Power Figures: 1299 HP/1033 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Fake_Supercharger: a Supercharger option for the Diesel Engine to let its engine behavior be more in line with the old engines. You get less overall power, but it gets an easier to read power band, so it should be fairly balanced. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Twin_Screw_8:71_Blower: a Twin Screw version of the normal 8:71 Roots blower that fits both Ford, Merlin and HEMI Engines; it sacrifices a little bit of torque for substantial horsepower gains. It is available through the Engine Parts Menu for both Ford and Merlin engines, and is fully tunable! Stock Power Figures: 1792 HP/1365 FT-LB on Ford/Merlin, 2478HP/1649FT-LB on HEMI. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_TwistedLobe_8:71_Blower: a special type of Roots blower that can go on the Ford, Merlin and HEMI Engines; It features the roots style lobes of the normal supercharger while also twisting the lobes just slightly to allow it to get the high revving power of the Twin Screw blower, allowing for a very smooth running engine. Stock Power Figures: 1422HP/1414 FT-LB on Ford/Merlin, 1639HP/1521FT-LB on HEMI . Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Fueltank_Diesel and CRD3_Fueltank_Diesel: Diesel Fuel tanks that must be equipped in order to use the new Gavril I6 Turbo Diesel engine options, otherwise they don’t even start. Selectable on all chassis via parts menu. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Fueltank_Roadtrip: A normal fuel tank with more than twice the maximum capacity for fuel, allowing for much longer runtimes! Think you can last a whole tank now?? You can equip this to any chassis, used with any Alcohol burning Engine. In the Tuning Menu, you can get up to 250L of fuel vs the standard 80L! Code and fuel cell model editing by gameboy3800.

CRD_Radiator_Diesel: a more powerful radiator for the Diesel Engine to keep it from overheating mega quick. It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Front_Fueltank: a mid mounted Fuel Tank that covers up the hole in the chassis for where the engine used to be when equipping a Front Engine. all the normal fuel tanks and the fuel tanks found in this pack are all compatible with front engines in this spot, and you can stack them for double fuel capacity! Code and node adjustments by gameboy3800.

CRD_Radiator_V12: a more powerful radiator for the V12 Engine to keep it actually derivable. It is on by default when equipping the V12 Engine. Code by gameboy3800

CRD_Adjustable_Radiator: a Tunable radiator for 662, Ford and Merlin Engines, allows you to change how the Cooling behaves in the Tuning Menu. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Soft_Rev_Limiter: a non-adjustable rev limiter option that allows for some light overrevving for easier shifts, available on Ford Performance Engine and Merlin Engine via Parts Menu. For peak power, the standard Adjustable Rev Limiter is still the way to go. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Revlimiter_Diesel: An adjustable Rev Limiter (Soft) for the Diesel Engine to allow you to bring it down below 3000rpm for more realistic runs, as by default it can rev to almost 5500rpm, which while not impossible for a diesel engine to achieve, its not very realistic. It revs high by default to remain competitive to the normal engines. If you bring the revs down, you’ll need to adjust the torque converter accordingly to get a usable rev range! Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Wheeliebar: It is a wheelie bar that almost exists when you equip it to the towhitch slot. it keeps the front end down for drag race/top speed builds. Model by BeamNG, implemented to CRD by gameboy3800.

CRD_Revlimiter_V12: Allows full RPM Tuning for the V12 Engine. This is a soft rev limiter, so it does allow for a little bit of overrev to make RPM characteristics more predictable or to allow for easier shifting. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Transmission_Adjustable_TC: A normal 2-speed shiftable automatic gearbox, but the torque converter is fully unlocked in the tuning menu! I believe that’s a first for CRD! Equip this to any  Engine to gain full control over how much or how little power goes to the wheels! Adjustment sliders are found at the bottom of the Tuning Menu once equipped! Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Transmission_Diesel: a 3-speed manual gearbox that is used to better utilize the extra torque from the Turbo Diesel Engine. You’ve really got to adjust your driving style with this, as being in the right gear is absolutely critical with the Diesel Engine! It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. All 3 gears are still able to be tuned via Tuning Menu to better fit your driving style or Tune goals. Comes with a built in Torque Converter Adjuster, accessible at the bottom of the tuning menu. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Transmission_V12: a gearbox built to handle the insane torque but lower rpm of the v12 engine. Optional Adjustable Torque Converter variant selectable from parts menu. Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Transmission_Vintage: A 4-speed automatic gearbox that you can use on the 662, Ford, HEMI and Merlin Engines to better replicate vintage trucks or for those who find it difficult to shift normally. Works very well with the Soft Rev Limiter, but can be used standalone. Selectable via Ford, Merlin, and 662 Big Block Engine Parts Menu. All the gears can still be tuned in the Tuning Menu to fit your driving style. You can also get some insane top speeds with it! Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Turbocharger: The Standard Turbocharger option when you equip a Diesel Engine to the CRD Monster Truck, it is a REAL Turbo with lag, sound and all! It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. You can tune it a little bit via the Tuning Menu as well! Maximum Power Figures (stock power figures seen further below): 1471 HP/1963 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Turbocharger_Tuned: An optional Modified Turbocharger selectable on the Diesel Engine via Parts Menu to give a power bump and way less turbo lag to handle more like a Procharger/Supercharger with a sick Flutter sound when off throttle! It also has some more wiggle room if you tune it in the Tuning Menu! Stock Power Figures: 1521 HP/ 2036 FT-LB. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Adjustable_Headers: These are exhaust options on both the Merlin, HEMI and 662 Big Block engine that allow you to customize how your truck sounds and performs! Comes in 2 variants on Merlin: Adjutable Hookers and Adjustable Hater Hookers, and Adjustable Hater Hookers spawn as the default option on the 662 Big Block! The V12’s smoke/afterfire can also be adjusted. The brand new HEMI engine found in the BLZ Pack also gets its own set of Adjustable Zoomies! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_Hater_Headers: Different looking exhaust options that are based off the normal exhaust pipe models, just flipped upside down! The results look surprisingly clean and natural with minimal clipping when equipped to the Merlin. Hater Pipe options include the Hater Magnaflows, Hater Vaters, and the Hater Hookers! When put on the 662 Big Block, the Hater Mags do clip some bodies, however I’ve made sure that they don’t cause any strange shaking by making them non-collidable. The Ford Engine hasn’t been left out, it gets the Hater Gordons! The V12 gets its own unique automation Hater Headers as standard. Some texture help on the V12's headers by @Mike Bev, Model placement and exhaust Code by gameboy3800.

CRD_Custom_Unmuffled_Headers: they are the normal custom muffled headers found on overkill evolution, but the sausage mufflers have been removed, making for a unique look and sound! This is only available on the Ford Engine! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

Gavril_I6_Semi_Engine: The all new Turbo Diesel Option for the CRD Monster Truck, this was originally put ingame by me with help by Fen way back in the CRD 1.14 days. I’ve recently revamped how it performs from the ground up with the help of @Bobcat and @Mike Bev to allow it to be released alongside CRD 2.0! This is supreme Meme quality engine, in fact there’s a document in the zip that explains everything wrong with it, but hey it works like it should, and it smokes a ton! This Engine also has my Soft Rev Limiter in place by default for more manageable revs. The Exhaust Pipes are selectable just like any normal headers of the other engines with 3 options on base CRD: the Center Stack for an internally mounted stack; This one smokes the most and is the best Diesel experience IMO. Then theres the Side Stack option for a big pipe along the left side of the truck for a different/meme look, and the Rear Exhaust which I made to allow for a less ‘smoke in camera’ driving experience. The Rear Exhaust is affectionately known as the ‘one tire fire starter’, because it just dumps the smoke straight into the back left wheel lol. The Custom Chassis’ only get the Left Stack and Rear Exhaust to avoid roof clipping with the Center Stack. The Diesel Engine is the only engine in this pack that is selectable on all chassis. Stock Power Figures: 1402 HP/1811 FT-LB. I've added actual engine supports and adjusted the weight for v2.0! Original Exhaust Pipe and Engine Placement done by Fen, Center Exhaust redone by @Bobcat, Exhaust Materials redone by @Mike Bev. Rear Exhaust, Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

CRD_662CI_Big_Block_NA: This is an ongoing project I’ve started just because I wanted to see if I could do it, I made the largest pushrod V8 I could in automation, and I’ve put it into the CRD! It’s a Naturally Aspirated beast of an engine that’s got custom Hater Magnaflow and Hater Hooker Headers, Turned upside down! Very unique look, and with automation sounds, this is where I discovered how to be able to get new CRD sounds without needing to use the ancient SBEAM format or be locked down with the newer FMOD Format. It runs, drives and spawns good! I’m excited to see what trucks people build with it! Stock Power Figures: 1317 HP/906 FT-LB. I've updated this engine to fix some slight warping for v2.0! Engine Model made in Automation by gameboy3800, Exhaust Pipes flipped by gameboy3800 with Material & Color Help by @Mike Bev.

CRD_994CI_V12: This was made to prove you could put multiple sound sources into one mod without conflicts. However I thought why not go completely overkill! Swap this in only if you think you can tame the beast! Bonus: it also gets nitrous! Fun fact, this engine uses both Automation AND FMOD sounds at the same time, which gives a very unique sound to it. Stock Power Figures: 1924HP/1770 FT-LB. I've updated this engine to fix some slight warping for v2.0! Engine Model made by gameboy3800 in Automation. Engine Code by gameboy3800, Material and Engine placement help by @Mike Bev.

CRD_Prototype_Body: this is a completely clear Silverado body that should allow for some very cool custom trucks. Comes with a base Prototype paint to show the right file structure for future skins! Clearbody brought ingame by gameboy3800 and Develop Terron, made skinnable by gameboy3800.

That’s all that’s in the mod so far, check back later to see if there’s anything new! Thanks for reading all the way through, now get out there and see what you can build with these parts!

Edited by gameboy3800

What's New in Version 2.1   See changelog


gameboy3800’s Adjustable Addons Pack 2.1 update patch notes:


  1. Massively cleaned up all jbeam and material files to keep from having duplicate part errors in the console log.

  2. Fixed most slider options in the tuning menu to have better stepping points instead of seemingly random numbers showing up


  1. Better parts naming for ingame dropdown menus on some parts.

  2. Made diesel parts slightly less shaky than before (now held in with superglue instead of Elmer’s glue).

  3. When equipping a front engine and equipping both a front and normal fuel tank, fixed having both installed breaking the engine tuning sliders (note: when equipping both fuel tanks, it’s purely visual, the front fuel tank does nothing in this instance sadly).

  4. Fixed new intake options on the Hemi engine making the blower model disappear.


  1. Added a turbocharger model to the Insane Turbo on the BLZ Insane Durability Engine (now renamed to be just ‘Insane Turbocharger’ instead of ‘Insanely Fake Turbocharger’).


  1. Slightly adjusted sounds to several engines in this pack (if you have any engine sound mods installed, you won’t notice this change).


  1. Every turbocharger option has been overhauled for better consistency and more realistic performance.

  2. Adjusted Diesel Engine weight slightly.

New Exhausts:

  1. CRD_PowerAdder_Zoomies: Zoomie exhaust pipes that add power. Pretty self explanatory. These fit onto any normal Merlin engine. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


  1. CRD_Magnaflow_Headers_Flipped: normal magnaflow unmuffled headers, but rotated 180 degrees to give a different look. Selectable on both normal and Twin Merlin engine options. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


New Intakes:

  1. CRD_Fake_Procharger_Twin: a procharger option for the Twin Merlin Engines to allow for either very low or very high power. Huge performance range. Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


  1. CRD_Headers_Twin_Turbos: a twin turbo option for the normal Merlin engine that gets equipped to the exhaust slot. This allows you to run a Merlin with both the standard Supercharger AND Twin Turbos at the same time; a true TwinCharger setup (I dub it the Super Double Twincharger)! Both work in tandem to give both optimal torque and optimal wheelspeed! It’s even got the sick turbo whistle to boot! Both the normal blower and new turbos are fully independent and can be tuned individually to fit any performance goal. Maxing both turbos and blower out can explode the engine though, so watch out! Turbo models by BeamNG, texture help by Mike Bev, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


  1. CRD_Real_Turbocharger: a normal turbocharger option for the insane engine that actually changes the intake model. It performs more or less the same as a normal fake turbocharger for the regular Ford engine, but it now looks as it should for the most part. Turbo and Intake model by BeamNG, texture help by Mike Bev, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.

New Engines:

  1. CRD_Wentward_i6_Bus_Engine: a second meme Diesel Engine ripped straight out of the normal bus. It gets all the same parts as the normal CRD Semi engine. It is a little bit smaller and lighter than the old engine, but it’s also a little less powerful. Of these 2 meme engines, I would say the Bus engine is the better one because the power difference is negligible, and it does weigh a bit less. It sounds a little different too. Engine model by BeamNG, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


  1. CRD_500CI_Gavril_V8_Diesel_Engine: a beefed up 6.0 Diesel engine from the base game trucks and vans, upscaled from 6.0L to 8.0L to better fit the CRD. This is the most realistic Diesel Engine for the CRD by far, and it performs exceptional if I do say so myself. It has both single and twin turbocharger options to give different driving characteristics. Single turbo holds boost better but takes awhile to get up to full power, while twin turbos spool up faster and give more peak torque and horsepower, but can’t hold boost nearly as well. This engine sounds sick and is actually competitive in terms of power figures! Give it a try! Engine and Turbo models by BeamNG, Texture help by Mike Bev, Engine/Turbo scaling, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


New/Changed Presets:

  1. Added a second XDP (Diesel) tune to use the new V8 Diesel engine, requires Kota’s replica pack to work correctly.


  2. Added new Prototype paint preset to use the new meme Bus Engine to be able to use as a beginning point for your tune if you wish to have a starting template.


  3. Added new skin for Voodoo Omen to have a bedcover (selectable in paint dropdown menu).


Other new part(s):

  1. CRD_Bedcover: adds a rudimentary bedcover option that can be added to your custom pickup skins in the skin jbeam file much like how the engine cover is added. Includes a photoshop template file in the zip to allow you to make your own bedcover for any truck. This bedcover is not very collidable, but it does break off if you break off the tailgate. There’s room for improvement I’ll say that much haha. Bedcover model by BeamNG, texture help by jedipresence, code and model implementation by gameboy3800.

Known bugs:

  1. Sometimes, the turbocharger air filter texture wont load. To fix this, load up a 200BX Demon before loading a part with the turbocharger and it should fix this. Still working on a permanent fix for this, but performance wise everything seems to be done.

  2. Marginal clipping of Merlin twin turbos.

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