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Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again! This time I’m bringing something to the mod that so many people have asked for: Front Engine options!


I’ve worked very hard to get this ready for all of you. I’ve learned a lot about how things work in the mod and blender in making all this. I think it will be the start of many more things to come!


That said, this is very much a ‘1.0’ version, there is still some bugs, and its not flawless. Here is just a few notable examples of such: driveshafts can look strange, the front Ford engine’s supercharger intake doesn’t animate, and there’s no way to equip a driver. The Front Merlin engine works extremely well, and I consider that to be the most complete. Consider every other engine option you see to be VERY Work In Progress.


You can get more engines for these chassis options by downloading my Additional Addons Pack. Having both these packs installed give you quite the set bonus: you can now equip the 662 Big Block and Diesel Engine to both front and back positions of these chassis’! You also get all their upgrades and other parts as well!


None of this is done absolutely correctly or perfectly, but it does work! This is a REAL Front Engine option for the CRD Monster Truck, weight changes, performance nuances and all! This is NOT a Willman or Meents chassis, it is a modified CRD to fit an Engine about 2inches in front of your feet. Yes, it is about as cursed as it sounds. In fact internally it was just known as Cursed.zip lol.


There are 2 Chassis options in this zip, the Normal CRD Chassis with Front Engine Mounts, and the Custom CRD Chassis with Front Engine Mounts. With these you can fit 90% or so of all bodies with a front engine of your choosing. You can also still equip a rear mounted engine if you so desire; I didn’t want to lose any compatibility with the normal parts, so they’ve all been retrofitted to work on this chassis as well as they would the normal chassis! The cool thing is that when you put in a normal rear engine, the chassis returns completely to normal! I’ve also managed to get all the cab props to move and change per engine, per placement; this wasn’t easy to pull off but it fully works!


There is also some new truck presets that utilize the Front Engines, including Naked variants to build your own truck off of! Some of these presets include: Front Engine El Toro Loco, Front Engine Maximum Destruction, and Front Engine Max-D! You’ll notice in most of these new presets, the Fuel Tank can be moved closer to the cab to fill the big gap of where the engine used to be! In order to get all the presets to work, most of them use the patrick swaybars found in the BLZ Pack, so don't forget to have that installed too!




I did all the edits, fitments, prop changes and animations more or less on my own. @jedipresence had some input, and @Mike Bev was the beta receiver and person to talk through all the random af ideas that were being thrown around as this was being made haha.


I was given permission by @rockgod88 to use the downsweep headers by ZonR@SM on these engine mods, thanks a bunch!


Closing thoughts:


While I believe I managed to test everything good enough for this release, it’s far from a perfect product. If you see something game breaking, please let me know asap via dm on either this website or on the beam-monsters discord server!


That’ll be all from me today, if you enjoyed please don’t forget to like, review, comment and don’t forget to download as well! Thanks, gameboy out; I’ll see you all in the future!

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Nothing game breaking from what I have seen and a very nice wide range of customization options when your addons pack is thrown in as well. A front engine version of the CRD 3.0 chassis with and without the halo are missing but that's a very minor thing that doesn't really retract from the mod. Great work gameboy, keep it up! :^)

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10/10 would recommend 

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