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Mach77 Pack 1.2.0

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About This File

I present you 2 different truck with one that has 10 different configurations:

-Black Trophy, imagined back in 2007 in the good old Monster Truck Madness 2 era(it's still at mtm2.com btw)

-Iceberg, an ice themed monster truck I wanted to make quite recently

Specs and configurations:

Black Trophy has 11 configurations which are the followings:

1. the original one, 2008, lettered Good Year tyres, 1800hp, HEMI engine

2. the 2014 one. fitted with BKT Gen 1 tyres and has 1540hp instead of the 1800hp for Monster Jam style events

3. the 2020 one. with now the hood being golden yellow and having a litteral "Black Trophy" on it, it also uses CRD 3, thanks to Gameboy3800's adjustable add-ons. same power setup than 2008, though

4. the 2020 Monster Jam one. same as the 2020 one, but based on the 2014 one, with the Monster Jam logo, fitted with BKT Gen 3 and limited to 1540hp

5. the 2020 World Finals one. just a color flipped version of the 2020 one

6. the 2020 Monster Jam World Finals one. same as the 2020 Monster Jam one, but with flipped colors

7. the Alternate body one. that one has a recent little story. at first, I was using a model that isn't available here anymore. when Blue Thunder (Built Ford Tough model) came out, I saw it had the racerback and visor I wanted on the previous model. with that, I made a different version with the 2008 Ford Super Duty model with Hedman headers. since I liked it quite well, I kept it. it is fitted with BKT Gen 3 and limited to 1540hp

8. the Alternate body but with Zoomie exhaust. very explanatory

9. the PENDA Points Series one. different suspension tune than all of the other versions and limited to 1475hp, that one is especially made for the straight line drag races that were heavily present in the PENDA Points Series which I love.

10. the 2022 version. this one is just a standardized version using the 2020 Monster Jam paint. dropping the HEMI engine, it now uses the traditional Merlin engine with Magnaflow exhaust. instead of having a Ford and Dodge flag, it now has a single centered Ford flag
11. the 2023 version. harboring the original livery with a golden reflection(thanks to the specular), this is now the most recent edition. fairly similar in tune than the 2022 one, it is however tuned to a more realistic 1475hp(same as Grave Digger)

Black Trophy's specs:

1992 Ford F150 body (Bobcat's pack)

2008 Ford Super Duty body(Alternate version, CRD)

CRD chassis(2008, 2014, Alternate body and PENDA variants)

CRD 3.0 chassis (starting from the 2020 variant, customizable version from Gameboy3800's pack)

Chrysler HEMI engine (Gameboy3800's Adjustable add-ons Pack. under Gameboy3800's Engine mods for 1800hp, under Gameboy3800's League engine mods for the 1540hp ones)
Merlin engine (Gameboy3800's Adjustable add-ons Pack. under Gameboy3800's League engine mods)

1800hp for the 2008 version as well as every non Monster Jam versions(the ones that don't have the Monster Jam logo nor the BKT tyres, basically)

1540hp for every Monster Jam variants

1475hp for the PENDA Points Series and 2023

Lettered Good Year (Mjam Pack) or BKT tyre dependent on the version

Iceberg's configurations are now up to 3:
1. the original one, with the short wheelbase at the front and the standard one at the rear
2. the 2014 one, I decided to use Black Trophy's 2008 tune and replace the HEMI and Zoomies with the standardized Merlin and Magnaflow, fitted with BKT Gen 1 tyres
3. the 2020 one, using Black Trophy's 2014 chassis (classic CRD) and Black Trophy 2020's tune. once again, using the Merlin and Magnaflow, this time fitted with BKT Gen 3

Iceberg's specs:

Cadillac Escalade body (CRD Pack)

Merlin Engine (CRD Pack, Gameboy 3800's adjustable add-ons pack)

1540hp (that one is free to tune)

shorter wheelbase at the front, default wheelbase at the rear

BKT Gen 1 or Gen 3 tyres


required packs:


-Mjam Pack

-Gameboy3800's Adjustable add-ons pack

-Bobcat_Design's pack

Edited by Mach77
specular update

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


inflated all tyres to 16.04PSI

added specular to every Black Trophies and Iceberg (the black paint doesn't do a black hole effect anymore)

added Black Trophy 2023 livery & preset

added Iceberg 2014 based on Black Trophy 2008

added Iceberg 2020 based on Black Trophy 2014


next update will be togglable headlights, tail/brake lights and fog lights on Black Trophy if I ever succeed in making it work. not with RPMs, but like on Avenger CRC

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It's a nice small pack of customs. I love all the designs, with the last three being my favorite. Good job 👍

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