Miami Oklahoma 2021 - Day 2 (With Day and Night) 1.0.0

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If you have lag in this map, here's some advice!

This map will require you to have a solid computer to get the job done. if your running a older graphics card, try disabling shadows, and turning mesh quality to the lowest it'll go. it also depends on your CPU and GPU. This goes along, try closing stuff you are not using. If that isn't enough, then just turn your graphics down, or remove vehicles. 


Yes, I made this map hard to run on lower end computers, but I think if I can run this map on my deep fryer office computer, I know you can do it. 


Give some love to Jax, the person who inspired me to make this track... after failing miserably at coding his first one.


Also give huge thanks to LCwookie (MEE6) for creating a moveable crowd, or at least attempting it. Its not added to this map, but will be a tool we use for later tracks.


Thank you; Daniel915, Smoothz, Boss987, and MEE6 for sending images of the track and past images.



Thank you for downloading, expect more Miami Tracks to be published eventually. 

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Jax the snow leopard

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one of the best indie shows i have the pleasure of goin to yearly, glad to have it in game and amazing job on the model, its about as close to irl as you could've gotten 

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great track man!

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Im not saying any of this because I was told to, this is all my opinion. This is one of the best tracks to hit this site yet, the amount of detail in this track is second to none, it feels like you're in the fairgrounds, the scaling, the minor things such as the ride truck track, to the little announcers booth to the multiple other things most people wouldn't have put there. Everything is placed exactly where it was, angled as physically best as Beam would let it be angled, and it's just amazing. Now......Who's ready for cracked Miami 2022??

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review, its one of the hardest recreations I've made, so it was worth it. Expect me to do 2022 and so forth.

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