Houston 2022 Replica 1.0.0

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Welcome to Houston, TX!

Track took a while to put together, and it's finally done!

DISCLAIMER: The Rod Ryan truck used in the screenshots is NOT PUBLIC YET! Please do not ask for it!
If I missed any credits, please DM me ASAP! bqlistic#4383


This track requires Mjamfan22's FPS Crush Car Pack in order to function properly


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nice and fun track. I agree with the other guy about leaving more color for freestyle though

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Once again, you've knocked it out of the park! Well done good sir!


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In my mind, you really have become one of, if not the, premier track builders on this site. The level of quality and the attention to detail here is astounding. Personally, my only complaint is I would have left more paint on the ramp faces for freestyle, but that's such a small thing I'm not even gonna let it affect my review score. This track is some of your best work yet, hats off!


Happy Moonwalkin' for days, everyone!

Response from the author:

I may not be the best track maker, but I appreciate it. Much love brother ❤️

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I was at this show a month ago and the track is perfect! Great job. I can't believe I went from watching it to now I'm getting to drive it so soon after the show. 

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You are speed. And this is great.

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Fun track. My only suggestions are to lower the brightness of the yellow, and add more pop on the trench box backflip. Otherwise, its awesome!

Response from the author:

thank for feedback. I've tried adding more pop to the trench box but ig its just beam physics bc it's either that or the truck dies. will update the tarp when i have time

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How Did You Get The Rod Ryan Truck In A CRC Chassis?!?!?!

Response from the author:

disclaimer to please read the description and look at the screenshot closley

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