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  1. Welcome to Show Your Projects Chapter 2! Lets start off with a bang. Been holding onto this finished product for a half a month after a month of development, I feel now is the right time to show it off. Bev Pack v7 is designed to hold y'all over for awhile while the development team is focused on getting CRC done and out, and what would be better to do that than with a brand new body with a brand new jbeam?!? 1954 Corvette Pro Mod by John Dough@Sim-Monsters, Sting and Vette King by Mike Bev
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  2. I never thought I'd see the day where these two would be sitting next to each other in Beam looking this sharp. Hood cut is deeper than their real life counterparts, couldn't do much about that at this time. Huge thanks to AllMonster.com! This also shows off the "cut bed" (if I haven't shown it already lol) and another set of Racerbacks for the 05 Silverado. Don't worry, there's more content, but we'll save that for another day 😉
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  3. Seen a lot of request for this one so its in the works now. with an actual Atlanta motor speedway model
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  4. its all coming together Almost there
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  5. So here is another little peek at the Bobcat Creations Pack. Also did someone say more mud?
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  7. At long last 2.4's main features are finally completed! Check it out: 2016 Custom UFO - Alien Invasion by @jedipresence 1971 Chevy C10 - Titan by @jedipresence New KFA2 preset on CRD3 Also been meaning to show you guys some more Bev Pack stuff, and since the C10 is public knowledge I can show a little more too: Sting 2 Pure Muscle (Blue, Orange) Predator 2021 Bigfoot (Obsession)
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  8. Some of you might recognize this track from ROR. It's Rockcrwlrs Custom Tampa. I'm working on making it in beam.
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  9. So here is a little teaser for what is coming in the my pack update as well as an update on the Gilbert, Pa Renegade show. A MASSIVE thank you to @Mike Bev for doing the killer jbeam work on everything going into this update. Still a lot of work to do on this update as the 87 and 92 F150 keeps getting adjustments made to give more options.
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  10. Found out about Beam having a monster truck community and decided to check it out. I haven't done anything with virtual monster trucks in about 10 years back on Rigs of Rods. After checking out some of the amazing content that has been created it made me want to create my own personal truck to use. Hope you all enjoy! Friend wanted one, I based it off of his Latemodel that I designed for him as well. Not letting me post in the Discord for some reason so I'll just post it here lol.
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  13. The latest truck for my upcoming pack:
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  14. Couple odds and ends of v7, Expedition hood by @Develop Terron, racerback by @Bobcat
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  15. Finally got round to putting together my first truck for Beam, of course it had to be this one. Thanks to Mike Bev for testing. Currently pending approval.
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  16. I know I just kind of lurk here but I wanted to share this truck because of how proud I am of it. I took insperation from Indy Car and Formula 1 (Mainly the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix). It is still W.I.P. but I do want to finish it soon.
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  17. got the decals put on, last thing to do is change the green mj logos, really happy with it, thanks to @MEE6 for hookin me up with the flames
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  18. ladies and gentlemen, its freestyle time
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  19. Version 2.0.0


    It's here. Atlanta Motor Speedway 2021. A pretty highly requested track. Comes with an actual atlanta motor speedway model and version of the map. Thank you everyone that helped with this project. Enjoy needed to work properly
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  20. Those are absolutely clean brother, well done!
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  22. after a long few months and multiple redos from beam being flawless, its finally done
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  23. Version 1.0.0


    Basically I'm using this for Player Fours tour this season k enjoy or whatever
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  24. This thread is created for related topics revolving around the Truck Killer Monster Truck tracks! Please keep this thread on topic as it helps new members and current members find what they are looking for in here. TRUCK KILLER IS A SERIES OF CHALLENGING AND INTENSE MONSTER TRUCK COURSES CREATED BY TUBERNAUT. TRUCK KILLER IS A TRADEMARK AND SHOULD NOT EVER BE COPIED OR REPLICATED! Discuss ways I can improve on current versions of the Truck Killer tracks or event suggest ideas for upcoming tracks! I will also be posting WIP photographs of current Truck Killer projects in here as well so sta
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  25. monster patrol getting all kinds of attention, thanks to red for his help, new light bars, window light, and bull bar with and with out lights
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  26. Version 1.0.0


    Are you a pure American? Can you feel the wind flow through your mullet as you chug a Bud light? Well, look no further, this map is for you. Rip a Massive 12,000 pound machine around this track as you hear the Bald Eagles soar.
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  27. I think it'd be really interesting to see an "Urban PLayground" Truck Killer. Maybe the track could be surrounded by large buildings and a freeway overpass, while the track itself could have a bigger focus on using vehicles as part of the obstacles, as most truck killer obstacles are dirt ramps and mounds. Just spit-balling an idea.
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  28. It has been to long since my last custom
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  29. sneak peek at a big project i'm workin on, should be finished by i wanna say august
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  30. Version 2.1


    This is a remake of an old track I made a few years ago back on the BeamNG forums. Had a lot of requests to redo the track so I present, a darker version of the original! Kinda sorta some suggestive themes with this map, as a heads up. Intro Song: August Burns Red - Westworld Requires:
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  31. Version 1.0.0


    My first ever Beam Monsters skin pack and creation in general, this pack features five original, custom truck skins based on the 2Extreme Racing team of monster trucks. Trucks include Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Iron Outlaw, Knucklehead, and last but not least, my first ever fully original personal truck concept, Medic One, which I thought to include in this pack since it was also designed in the style of a 2Extreme truck. Hopefully you guys enjoy my first pack. Happy trucking. 2005 Ford Exhibition body by John Dough @ Sim Monsters All textures and designs by me, a.k.a.
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  32. Version 2.4


    **IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING** The review section below is NOT a place to vent frustrations due to missing textures/No Material, or improperly spawning trucks. Our mod goes through an extreme vetting and testing phase to make sure there is NOTHING broken in the files and will work as long as you follow our guidelines on how to install! Negative reviews related to missing textures, no materials will NOT be approved. You can message a moderator, leave a comment in the comments section, ask for help in the forums, or contact a moderator on our discord. Thank you for you
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  33. Trucks the balls, your the bat............out of the park ol buddy
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    Absolutely INCREDIBLE !!!!
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  34. BB SquareBody V3 with much more options
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  35. Version 1.0.0


    Finally put together a Blown Thunder for Beam. This is a "repli-custom" of my fathers old truck. Thanks to Mike Bev for testing prior to release, to make sure I had done it correctly. Feel free to run this in any leagues etc if you would like, just message me on here first so I know.
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  36. Just an idea I thought of but maybe like a cornfield showdown. Either its a small track layout or a huge layout. Doesn't matter to me, just thought it was cool to have like a small town track right in the middle of a cornfield with people sitting on their tailgates or hoods!
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  37. I have a mission for the community if you wish to accept it, Im looking for custom skins done by you guys to be featured in my community customs ride truck pack. Im mainly looking for escalade skins but if you have any killer designs that you think will work as a ride truck send them through! just make sure the skin is fully packed and working ingame.
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  38. There are no words to describe how ready my ass is for this...
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  39. Version 1.0.0


    Some of you might recognize this classic track made by RockCrwlr in Rigs Of Rods. I was asked by him to try to make it in Beam. Hopefully i have done this track the justice it deserves. Hope everyone enjoys. File 1 = Racing File 2 = Freestyle File 3 = Racing Daytime File 4 = Freestyle Daytime
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  40. Version 1.0.0


    After months of beamng being flawless, i present what may be my best map yet, very happy with how this turned out, such a classic show and im happy to have made it thx to @MEE6 and @CLNGames for helping along the way, really appreciate it. if any credits are not givin plz dm me on discord Jax #8935 and i'll fix it
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  41. @TrevorMichaleskoI would say you don't know what your talking about. And not to accuse someone of something you don't know anything about.
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  42. @TrevorMichaleskoJust because you haven't seen him in months doesn't mean he's not lurking in the shadows lol
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    Favorite anaheim track, Made with a hell of a lot of passion and effort. GG.
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  44. Friend was making this Track not for Monster Trucks but for something movie like i think? idk
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