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  1. I've been slacking with posting on here, but I can assure you there's be no slacking on content! Here's a peek into some of the bigger things coming this update: Fist and foremost we have Jurassic Attack 95% done with the only remaining pieces being jbeam adjustments. Body from Andrew Sheets and Zach Steele, edited by RORMadness, Nathan Hils, and Bobcat; Paint from ChazzyMP. Not shown in the picture is the new rim type from Nathan Hils primarily included for Jurassic, the AOP Rims. Also from Nathan are the new Harper Tires, with textures done by jedipresence. Our newest addition to the development team, Zack PRD, has made a fresh Bad Company on the 2015 Silverado which includes the CRD variant from earlier this years as well as the recent variant with the Scott Hartsock remembrance tailgate. I also put the tailgate on Fast Metal as a 2021 variant. Lastly for this post, 2.5 will see 2021 variants of Soldier Fortune and Soldier Fortune Black Ops on the CRD 3.0 chassis. Work is still continuing on this update, there's some more odds and ends that have to get finished up. I wanted it to be out sooner than this, but I'd rather put out a quality product with no issues than a rushed product with multiple small issues that would've been a simple fix. I do not have a projected release date yet.
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  2. Still Work In Progress but let me know what y'all think!
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  3. The latest addition to the pack:
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  4. What is up everyone, it has been awhile since I last posted. Today I will show the latest progress of my pack and I will talk a bit about release. First the progress, I have updated Disney XD to be a bit more realistic. this update includes: A reworked hood and updated sides A new truck has been added to the pack, a custom Sudden Impact: That is it for the progress of my pack, now on to the release. I originally planned to release this pack a few weeks ago with the custom Destroyer being the last truck made for first release. That plan has changed. The reason is the fact that CRD 2.5 will change some things that requires files to be updated. I do not want to release something only for it to be useless a short time later. during this time I am and will be improving and adding some skins.
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  5. Skins coming soon™️ to the pack! Pastrana 199 by @Mud_Tires 164 Disney XD by @Jeandre1512
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  6. Who's coming? Pastrana's coming! Coming soon to the Crew Cab truck pack!!
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  7. All content will be released when finished. No set release date.
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  8. About to be Pending Approval :swole_pengu:
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  9. chicago style is underrated on an anaheim course this is my first attempt at making a track hopefully ill be finished with this one soon. mostly making for fun and too learn so if somethings not 100% right then ill try my best to fix but cant promise very much. (i know the bmx landing ramp can be smoothed alittle bit more but other then that i might not change very much since its just a project im doing for fun and to learn off of still a wip
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  10. Figured i’d show this off now. 2 trucks (already out). 1 Track (WIP).
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  11. Version 1.0.0


    Replica track for the Toughest Monster Truck Tour event at the West Plains Fairgrounds in West Plains, MO. Track is a combination of the freestyle map and the racing timeframe as I thought it would look better.
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  12. getting back in the swing of things of with a show I went to recently pt. 2
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  13. Version 1.0.0


    Ladies and gentlemen... For the first time in beam monsters history... TEAM HOT WHEELS FIRESTORM HAS BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC!!!!! This has been the most complicated project I've ever worked on. Please, Enjoy the madness!!
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    Credits for MetLife Stadium: Aaron Lurie File 1: Racing File 2: Freestyle Any missed credits or wrong credits please contact via discord Freddy5404#1977 or private message me through the site I'll change it asap.
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  15. Version 2.0


    Introducing, The Crew Cab Truck Pack! A huge thanks to @Mud_Tires 164 for any of this to happen. I learned how to make replicas the easy way from him. NOTE: These are my FIRST REPLICA SKINS, so they might not be 1:1. Trucks: Nitro Circus - by @f_uzion 106.7 The Fox ‘07- by @f_uzion 106.7 The Fox ‘09 - by @f_uzion Pastrana 199 - by @Mud_Tires 164 Disney XD ‘09 - by @Jeandre1512 Disney XD ‘13 - by @Jeandre1512 If I missed any credits, please DM me through the website! P.S. - When you're looking for 106.7 The Fox, search 1067TheFox. I don't know what's up with beam This pack requires Blz Pack V4.1.
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  16. Version 1.0.0


    Replica of the Toughest Monster Truck Tour event at "The Stompin Grounds" in Lamar,MO. Map is big, due to this you will have to drive to the left of the line of trees to get to the track from the spawn area. Big thanks to Bobcat and JediPresence for the help with assets and tweaking the ramps. This Map requires the FPS Crush Pack v3 to work properly which can be downloaded here:
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  17. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks @guardblast3 for creating Easy Skins so i could make this. Thanks bqlistic #0001 on Discord for helping me learn to use Easy Skins This is not a open custom btw This truck has surely seen it's better days. Criticism is accepted aswell.
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  18. Version 1.5.0


    Welcome to El Paso, TX! Downloads File 1 - Racing File 2 - Freestyle File 1 - Both Tracks IF YOU HAVE UTEPSunBowl2019Freestyle.zip OR UTEPSunBowl2019Racing.zip, DELETE THEM BEFORE DOWNLOADING UPDATED FILE. When searching, search "UTEP". It will be the only results. If I missed any credits, Please DM me ASAP! This track requires the FPS Crush Car Pack!
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  19. Version 1.0.0


    This map is based on a show I went to back in August in Merrill, Wisconsin. This map has all beam cars (8 not including player) so it may be laggy for some people Enjoy!
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  20. Version 2.5


    As requested by many... MidAmerica Offroad! Probably the best show we will get for awhile! Woo! -2.5: added a FPS online multiplayer variant of racing and freestyle (special thanks to @Bobcat) The multiplayer versions of the map were uploaded to Google drive, and display as "view" when downloading. View file 1 is Multiplayer Racing View file 2 is Multiplayer Freestyle Requires:
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    Was waiting to review until all the trucks were added, and now that they have been, instant 5 stars!
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  21. Version 1.0.0


    I've been done wit this for a long time, just havn't gotten around to uploadin it
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  22. Version 1.1.0


    Welcome to Seattle, Washington! In 2019, this was the first show in Seattle in 20 YEARS! Downloads File 1 - Racing File 2 - Freestyle File 3 - Non-Crush Racing File 4 - Non-Crush Freestyle If I missed any credits, PLEASE DM me on Discord or through the website! (Discord is Great Value™️ bqlistic#9633) Regular Versions require Mjamfan22's FPS Crush Cars!
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  23. Version 1.0.0


    This track is made for my BMTSL originally inspired by a ROBLOX track from back in the day Credits for track layout: Tyler Richmond Credits for Gelredome: KakeMagnus File 1: Racing File 2: Freestyle Any missed credits or wrong credits please contact via discord Freddy5404#1977 or private message me through the site I'll change it asap.
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  24. It's been a hot minute since there's been an official post about the mod, so here's the progress made during the month of June. First on deck is a project we've all wanted since the beginning. I had an idea and went with it and now the BeamNG Monster Truck experience has evolved. I am pleased to show you the new deformable/breakable Halo! Support Bars are also deformable, just not shown. And yes, if you're skilled enough to get it stuck the Halo is strong enough to support the truck so you to be like Krysten Anderson and her indestructible Halo. Next up is a new bed for the 2008 Silverado body by @Bobcat, "Dove Tail" based on the currently running Black Pearl. One of the most anticipated bodies is now coming in 2.5! Please welcome the Megalodon body to the CRD mod, modeled by Andrew Sheets and jbeamed by @Mjamfan22. This is the most versatile body available at the moment being able to be selected on CRD, CRD 3.0, and CRD Creten. Skins are primarily by @jedipresence, I helped with The Meg and Overcast skins. Available on CRD: Available on CRD 3.0: Available on CRD Creten: There will also be RKMT variants available in the next Bev Pack update: Ever since the early days I've always felt as if the 4-Link strength was an issue never properly taken care of. Not sure how "proper" my adjustments were, but I feel as if it is now more accurate to real-life destruction. Land soft on a corner at the right angle and you'll break one. Now, land hard from a super-send on a corner at the right angle, you now have the ability to rip the axle out from underneath your truck! Upper 4-Links can now break much easier, as they were nearly indestructible before even from massive free-fall drops in unrealistic testing. Another addition to the Bev Pack is the recently revealed Alien Invasion Gears There are also more features shown in all of these pictures that you would not be able to see with the naked eye. The rear steering code was redone to utilize LUA code. This doesn't change the functionality, but now rear steering will show up in multiplayer! There are also two new toggle functions: defaulted to 'B' is switching between Linked and Independent Rear Steer; and defaulted to 'Y' is switching between self-centered rear steer and manually adjusted rear steer. What that means is you control where the rear steer goes when you push the buttons, and you can lock it to the left or right and not have to have your finger on the button. Huge thanks to Olrosse for doing this for us! And as always huge thanks to @jedipresencefor trusting in me to continue developing and improving his mod!
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  25. Version 1.0.0


    The raider's new stadium in vegas has made it to beam. Big thanks to @Abroopt for the stadium model. I was able to beamify and add the monster jam edits to make it look official. Made a custom track to kick it off. Comes with an MP racing and freestyle along with a crush car variant that uses 8 beam cars.
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  26. Version 3.0.0


    I need to put this out here; This pack was Abandoned a long time ago and will NOT receive anymore updates from me, i gave someone else perms to redo. CREDITS: @Mjamfan22, Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters. @Bobcat RockCrwler@Sim-MonstersBodies, Headers, Etc. @NKSPRODUCTIONS96@No nameHelping me with getting the correct Tires, Shocks, and Headers. @txrcriderGiving Me the Stuff to make 1998 Monster Patrol, and Dabney 2001 and 2005 Monster Patrol. Also various troubleshooting issues. @TheHoonCow94@MDB-YT-Official1@gage7011@No name@f_uzion@txrcrider @ElementalYTBeta Testing @Redline Fixing fen's pack and Taking Screenshots for the pack @rormadnessLightbars Trucks Bad Habit (2Xtreme Racing) Black Stallion (Thunder Nationals 2007) Cowboy The Destroyer (2013) Gunslinger Trophy Truck Gunslinger (2006 Chevy) High Roller Hotsy (2015) Iron Warrior (2020) Krazy Train (Chevy) Line-X Obsession (2004) Lucas Oil Equalizer Lucas Oil Equalizer (2007) Maniac (2004) Monster Patrol (Dabney 2001) Monster Patrol (Dabney 2005) Monster Patrol (Phelps) Monster Patrol (Shafer) Monster Patrol (Shafer 2002) Obsession (Rod Wood) Radical Motion Red Solo Truck Sudden Impact (2004) Taurus (Vaters) Weapon 1 Removed Gunslinger 1999 Gunslinger 1999 MP Bad Habit Relapse Tantrum Bearfoot (Temporary) Hushpower Diesel 2007 (Temporary) Austin 3:16 (Temporary, Will return When Willman Chassis is finished) THE CAROLINA CRUSHER RACING M2D CAMO THUNDER IN THE SCREENSHOT IS A REPLI-CUSTOM AND WILL BE IN MY CUSTOM PACK SO PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT THAT IT ISN'T IN THE PACK! REQUIREMENTS
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  27. 12 Time would be for the 2020 version only. Years prior ran 11.
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  28. Ignite Mega Truck (2019 Version) in progress by TheBgamerBBYT (model, textures, and base jbeam), NickGamingYT (in depth jbeam work and bug fixes)
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  29. Make sure you are binding in vehicle and not vehicle specific.
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    A+ work man keep up the great work 🙂 I love this hot wheels.
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  30. Name: Truck: Pastrana 199, Me: Crunch_5003 Body: 2008 F-150 Crew Cab Chassis: CRD Paint: Red, Black, Yellow, other stuff. Haven't a clue on how to get the graphics/skin template. Other Details: Common around the 2000's, used to be in a pack but wasn't on proper body, but the bodies been made. Name: Truck: Safe Auto Minimizer, Me: Crunch_5003 Body: 2008 F-150 Chassis: CRD Paint: White, Red, Blue, other stuff. Haven't a clue on how to get the graphics/skin template. Other details: Another common truck around the 2000's, and again was in a pack but said pack was deleted for reasons I don't know.
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  31. There is a ramp pack you can download and put into the shapes folder of the track your making. Once you add the folder to your track you can import the ramps like he did in the video above. The. You can use them shape the dirt. I recommend joining the beammonsters discord. There is alot of people that can help answer any questions you have about map making.
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    Great map keep up the great work!
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  32. Version 1.0.0


    This track is made for my BMTSL originally inspired by a ROBLOX track from back in the day Credits for track layout: John Rodriguez Credits for State Farm Stadium: Edy File 1: Racing File 2: Freestyle Any missed credits or wrong credits please contact via discord Freddy5404#1977 or private message me through the site I'll change it asap.
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  33. i said i had some big stuff planned, well this is one of them, still very wip but it's gonna be a collaboration between me and @MEE6 for wf8, can't wait to see it finished 😄
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  34. Made some progress today, been busy with work but I got a couple off days to see what all I can get done, never really messed with decal roads until now, the ramps on the side need adjusting however the top of what used to be the racing lanes is done
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  35. So here is another little peek at the Bobcat Creations Pack. Also did someone say more mud?
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  36. There PROBABLY will be an update to this sometime in the future, Right now, i'm focusing on a custom pack. (It looks better than the replicas so far if you ask me, creating my own designs allows me to be more creative) And also to deal with shit in my personal life.
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  38. aight, first off, if you wanna make a track you'll need a lot of free time as it takes a bit to make a track. main things that help: find and replace for file changing, winrar to open the actual file, and the will to learn because theres a lot that goes into tracks. the way that i do it, i create a new folder in file explorer, then copy a track with a model like atl 15, just copy the zip in mods, then paste in mods and rename it, then open it, take the level folder, put it in the new folder you made, and go in find and replace, change the file to a different name like atlcustom or something, and change the names, then drag the evel folder you put in the file explore folder back into the track file and change the .ter, .terrain, and .png to the exact same as the other files, you can change the track name in the info.json same with authors. then if everything is done correctly it'll be a new copy of that track, make sure not to delete the .ter, .terrain, and .png, just change the name and then f11, terrain editor or whatever its called (farthest right option) then flatten the entire track, delete cars, and terrain painter to make it dirt (rocky dirt) and road decals are spawned through the decal road editor, it tells you in game how to spawn them, but if you dont see it its alt+left mouse click, you can then drag your mouse left/right to make the roads bigger and smaller, the white lines for racing are typically 0.60, it'll spawn as no texture don't worry thats fine, just scroll down on the right side until you see 3 dots and road_invisible, click the dots and search (chaulkline) and thats your racing lines. to spawn ramps you can use the old world editor and go to art-shapes- and buildings, scroll til ramp_03_somethin idk, spawn it, and then you can manipulate it, make it wider, steeper, etc...., then in the new world editor you go back to terrain edit and allign mesh (it'll have an up arrow and its in terrain editor) and for table tops typically i use containers because old school, go to art-shapes-misc and its container_01_A and B both work the same, then make wide, taller, etc..., allign mesh and boom, then smooth the sides so they're not complete walls its self explanatory just go slow until you get a feel for it (its called really smooth in terrain editor) and you spawn in fps cars through the vehicle selector, select the car you want, move it to the spot you want via wrld editor, and make sure you checkmark (cansave) if you want color you just make it a color you want via the parts selector and save the car as a preset and boom, you can copy/paste cars, containers, and ramps by selecting them via world editor shift+left mouse click and drag and if the stadium you're using has a roof, you can either hide mesh or move the model because if you don't, it'll allign the the roof of the stadium and not the ramp, and to pack the track, go into file explorer or whatever you use, beamng-levels-your track, take everything in that folder and go into the actual track file where you see the .ter, .terrain, etc... and drag everything from the level folder into there and its packed. hope this helps 😄
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  39. Name: PPRL Classic Clash 2007 Venue: N/A Racing Style: Drag racing Replica or Custom: custom Date Ran: N/A Images/Graphics:
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    Beam-Monsters.com devs, idk how to thank you but what you did was my childhood dream.
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