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  1. I've been slacking with posting on here, but I can assure you there's be no slacking on content! Here's a peek into some of the bigger things coming this update: Fist and foremost we have Jurassic Attack 95% done with the only remaining pieces being jbeam adjustments. Body from Andrew Sheets and Zach Steele, edited by RORMadness, Nathan Hils, and Bobcat; Paint from ChazzyMP. Not shown in the picture is the new rim type from Nathan Hils primarily included for Jurassic, the AOP Rims. Also from Nathan are the new Harper Tires, with textures done by jedipresence. Our newest addition to the development team, Zack PRD, has made a fresh Bad Company on the 2015 Silverado which includes the CRD variant from earlier this years as well as the recent variant with the Scott Hartsock remembrance tailgate. I also put the tailgate on Fast Metal as a 2021 variant. Lastly for this post, 2.5 will see 2021 variants of Soldier Fortune and Soldier Fortune Black Ops on the CRD 3.0 chassis. Work is still continuing on this update, there's some more odds and ends that have to get finished up. I wanted it to be out sooner than this, but I'd rather put out a quality product with no issues than a rushed product with multiple small issues that would've been a simple fix. I do not have a projected release date yet.
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