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  1. I couldn't get the shell on the top of the truck to line up perfectly. On the original truck, there isn't a back part of the truck like on the SUV body, so I stuck to that body. No one has made a TMNT body. I'm still working on the paint job.
  2. I'm thinking of doing Beam-Monsters Ice, if the developers are okay with that.
  3. Absolutely. I look forward to seeing it.
  4. Good News!! Since my old grave digger wasn't good, I'm making the real body for the real truck!!
  5. Did you remove it and re-downloaded it? That worked for me.
  6. Coming soon to Avatar: The Last Airbender Skin Pack!
  7. Version 3.0.0


    UPDATED! Now functional with current CRD Versions! NOTE: The file name has changed from GraveDiggerVintage to CRD_GraveDiggerVintage, make sure you delete the old one!!! I'm just learning how to code, and mod. Constructive criticism only. This is a Repli-Custom version of the Red Grave Digger on the old Ford Body. Credits: FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL, jedipresence for CRD Monster Truck. Mjamfan22 and Mike Bev for jbeam Noogis for Body/Skin RedLine for help along the way And to all the beta testers that made this happen. Required to work:
    I'm SO excited for 1.17. Great work FTYS!!!!!😁