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    Great pack, only wish we had some clean versions aswell
  1. Avenger is in development Bulldozers gonna get released in the next Mjam pack update Gunslingers in someone's pack, I forget which one
  2. Name: Marvel Monster Trucks Live Venue: Qualcomm Stadium Racing Style: N/A Replica or Custom: Custom (concept art for real show) Date Ran: was supposed to be summer of 2012 Images/Graphics: Other details: Was a cancelled 2012 event that would have featured a slew of Custom Marvel Monster trucks
  3. Trucks were on a PEI chassis, also I think they're making the Willys body for CRC
  4. Name: Cyber Scooby Body: Scooby Doo body Chassis: CRD Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: It's just a slightly darker version of scooby doo with a red collar. It was from one of my favorite movies as a kid
  5. Name: Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Scrappy Doo, Mystery Machine, and maybe some Random iconic Monsters from the show like The Creeper or the Black Knight Body: Any, whichever ones look best (but for the mystery machine I'd go with the escalade or expedition) Chassis: Any Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: These characters having their own trucks to be a companion pack to the scooby doo that came out. Personally I honestly just want the Mystery Machine but I thought it don't hurt to throw the idea out there
    Great track really enjoying it, only thing I'd change is adding a freestyle without the race cones
  6. Name: Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, El toro Loco, Blue Thunder Body: Chassis: Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  7. Name: El toro loco Body: Custom bull Chassis: CRD (I guess, still not clear on the whole toy thing) Paint (images of color/graphics):
  8. Name: Bulldozer Body: Custom Bull Chassis: N/A (it was a toy so idk what to really put here, I guess it could go on the CRD since the image on the box is just a photoshopped el toro loco) Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  9. Lmao I went to the world Finals the time this truck competed (I still have pictures of my 6 year old ass with it)
  10. Edited to be in the proper format
  11. Name: Grave Digger 20th anniversary Body: 1950 Chevy Panel Van Chassis: Idk (if made would go on the CRD chassis) Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  12. Name: The Ford Center (Now called Chesapeake Energy Arena) Venue: Monster Jam Racing Style: Chicago style (or some variation, I'm not familiar with style names) Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: February 23, 2008 Images/Graphics: Racing Freestyle Other details: This was one of my best memories from going to a monster jam show, and I miss this style of arena shows when they had more than just one giant dirt mound in the center