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  1. New update for the Vin Pack is now LIVE!
  2. Airbourne Ranger (Marauder) *COMPLETE*
  3. Vincent

    Vin Pack

    Version 3.0.0


    The Vin Pack features truck variants of all sorts, Repli-Customs, Replica's, Customs and Unused Concepts. This was a very fun project and the pack will continue to update with new skins. There is some stories behind some of these trucks. For example the Skull Krusher in this pack has the same body and wrap as the real Skull Krusher that is planned to debut in real life. King Krunch was an unused concept that was created by Michael Arndt. I had a lot of fun putting all of these trucks together, and hope you all enjoy! This Pack Includes: Turbulence Mad Scientist (Conc
    Solid trucks, Looking forward to future updates. Things to improve on: Paint Accuracy overall paints were fine, besides Sniper not actually having a camo texture, instead you used a honeycomb type thing. Other than SNIPER, Black Kamikaze could use a lot of work paint wise. Good quality trucks.
  4. 3D McGruff. looks like a pancake.