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  1. 23 tornadoes reported in the southern states yesterday. Very dangerous.
  2. I know. Its getting a lot worse because the chance of tornadoes is getting higher and higher.
  3. Did you guys hear about a maybe dangerous tornado outbreak is likely?
  4. Yes! New update includes diesel engine that goes woosh.
  5. Make sure that you have all the skins for the mods.
  6. I would prefer the non breakables because the shocks don't get bent.
  7. Sounds nice. The name looks good. The stadium is on Sim Monsters and it deserves to be in Beamng Drive. I like it in Beamng Drive.
  8. SUD is already made but not with a fire body so it would be cool to have in Beamng Drive.
  9. Zombie is a hard truck to make considering the arms but it is cool to have in Beamng Drive.
  10. They could come in CRC when its finished.
  11. What leagues do you like for Rigs of Rods?
  12. I have a question. What is the pyro in the game for?
  13. This is a very amazing track. Keep it up.
  14. I am sad to hear that but the 2021 Monster Jam season is going along well.
  15. What games are you interested in?
  16. Use this in a proper truck request.