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  1. I do want Wild Flower and Time Flys to be in Beamng Drive so bad.
  2. Those are really good ideas for Spiderman customs. You can make them if you want.
  3. I do understand that. I just am exited about the new CRD Truck that was uploaded.
  4. The truck is cool so I don't think it needs to be tested.
  5. The andersons just join the community. That is amazing.
  6. That might have to be tested in the game. You are right though they are big tires.
  7. What trucks do you guys think should return this year besides the ones that did return?
  8. What do you mean? Also do you like the CRD Monster Truck 2.1 update?
  9. I know that. I just like the name of the topic.
  10. You can ask the administrators to make the track or you can make the track in blender 2.79. Nice suggestion by the way.
  11. Who wants Lucas Oil Crusader to return to Monster Jam?
  12. Nice crush pack. Keep up the good work.
  13. It is on Rigs of Rods from Sim Monsters if you want to check it out.
  14. Which game do you guys think is better Rigs of Rods or Beamng Drive or both?
  15. I would change the cars and trucks so that they could have front engines like in Beamng Drive.
  16. Hello everyone.
  17. How do you put the pack into the trucks like the CRD 2.0 pack?
  18. When I downloaded it I didn't see them in the game. I followed the directions from the file but still it didn't work. Can someone help me please?