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  1. It was just a neat topic to discuss, I've always had a soft spot for the leaf springs trucks and just think they'd be cool. As for the mod though I'm in no rush for it but would be a cool addition if it ever gets made. Also with yawl having the beam monsters monster truck series that you guys have on your channel. The leaf springs could be special events or even their own series eventually in the distant future but only time will tell on that lol. Anyways I'm glad to see it was at least being talk about as a future idea to add into the game.
  2. With the new 2.0 update and the for coming crc update for the avenger and rage bodies and others. I'm curious to know if anyone else would be interested in seeing the leaf sprung monster trucks make an appearance. This is just a curious question and want to see who would and who wouldn't.
  3. [SKIN] (Include in topic title) ex: Iron Warrior, FS1 Cleatus, Man of Steel Name: Iron Warrior 2019, FS1 Cleatus, Man of steel Body: Iron warrior is a Ford F-150, man of steel is a dodge ram, FS1 cleatus is a ford expedition Chassis: CRD (Possibly PEI) Hard for me to tell cause of rear frame rails Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: In 2019 Iron warrior received a new chassis with the updated Iron Warrior Body with the orange and silver design instead of the old blue, yellow, and silver look. This truck h
  4. Name: Jail Bird & Nitro Menace Body: Ford F-150 Pick-up Chassis: CRD Chassis (Possibly Wrong) Paint: Custom wrapped skins Other details: Both of these trucks compete on both the independent circuit and the Monster Jam arena and stadium tours. Both trucks have been competing together sense 2015 in think. Each truck run the same bodies and both have their own custom paint schemes. I personally am unsure about the chassis on the trucks. I tried to research the best I could but these would be cool customs to have in till the particular chassis is imported into the game. I apologize
  5. My fault, couldn't exactly tell the chassis config but i did just see the 1996 ford f150 on BGamers channel. That would be more suited to the skins for sure. Just thought they would make cool additions later on in the mod.
  6. Y'all are forgetting the og 3D trucks Gotta go with the Snake Bite and Wild Thing
  7. What you guys think of the package ran at Kansas this past weekend?
  8. TRUCKS: Pretty Wicked and Bearly Tame are two trucks part of Zane Rettews team of trucks. Both still compete in irl competition Name: Pretty Wicked and Bearly Tame Body: Gavril D Series body Chassis: CRD Paint: first is Bearly Tame, second is Pretty Wicked
  9. So with 1.17b just getting released, i'm guessing the development of 1.18 will be about a month or two before we see potential release? Also son-uva digger is looking amazing, glad things are coming along with great strides.
  10. Name: All AmericanBody: Ford Super Duty or Dodge RamChassis: CRD ChassisPaint : details: This was a die-cast truck that was made for the, "All Star monter truck tour", the hood and the eagle might be the hardest part but I think this will be a cool truck to have along side the national treasure truck. Monster jam