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    Not Bad for a first track, Its great that you discovered Decal Roads as quick as you did, just the only thing that I would recommend is that you should make the ramps a bit smoother near the bottom, this will make the ramp smoother and less hard on the front wheels. Overall, not a bad first track.
    Its oddly good, the racing concept, simple, is still really cool. I feel too constricted with this map, but It might just be me. Overall, the track is pretty cool to look at, but maybe not to send it all out on.
    This map is not bad, I would like to see some smoother ramps on Racing Version, Backflip is Okay, More or less, this track is Okay.
  1. SIN

    Fujita Fairgrounds

    Let me know if there are any problems or concerns, here are a few problems I have encountered: 1. If the shed looks completely broken, just reload the map 2. If the flames are on when they are not support to, try reloading the map If there are other concerns, let me know
  2. Version 2.0


    BEFORE PLAYING ON THE MAP, YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THESE TWO VEHICLE MODS: IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE THESE TWO VEHICLES BECAUSE THESE ARE USED IN MAJOR PARTS OF THE MAP ITSELF. IT WILL ALSO CRASH YOUR GAME IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE VEHICALS IN YOUR MODS FOLDER, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!! Notes from BETA Testers: "You can really open up the throttle a lot more, and you don't really have to let off, its perfect for a insane freestyle. The jumps are perfectly angled and sized for the jumps, and it feels like a "Cracked out" fair which I love, and the "Slingshot Jump" next to the stands brings the icing on the cake." "Its actually a really good map, it's a map that you don't have to limit yourself in, but it requires and its great for beginners or for seasoned drivers." "This honestly is the best map you've made. It's so much better than Old Andrews." "You killed it man, this will be any trucks worst nightmare." __ Why was is called Fujita Fairgrounds? It was named after Ted Fujita, a meteorologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois. Storm experts began using an enhanced version of the Fujita scale in 2007 that included more detailed descriptions of the damage. Unlike hurricanes, which are classified by measured wind speeds, tornado categories are based on wreckage after a tornado has struck, because the wind speeds are difficult to measure. After a tornado has passed, experts assess the damage, estimate wind speeds, and categorize tornadoes according to the Enhanced Fujita Scale, with ratings from EF-0 to EF-5, with EF-5 being the highest magnitude of damage with a tornado. Figuring since your probably going to be destroying your truck like a tornado in this track, why not make it Fujita Fairgrounds? He has inspired many to follow in his footsteps, by making rockets that measure billions of calculations at once, and inspiring many others to become storm chasers, and to follow the mayhem. But here, I decided to make a Monster Truck Track dedicated to him, and the other who've died doing what they loved. This map in-itself is a celebration towards the role models out there. __ I have a few people to thank for helping me with this map, so here they are. Thank you @Ethan Saunders for creating a tribune image for Scott Hartsock Thank you to @TheHoonCow94 @Adinman2005 @Daniel915 @jax the snow leopard and @mrfarenheitdallas for BETA testing this map Also, a huge thanks to NoName.PX for allowing me to use his props and shapes for this track. __ Thank you for taking the time to take a look, and download Fujita Fairgrounds 😄 Let me know what you think below, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
    Nice Truck Dude
    Lightning is a bit weird, but its a good map!
    Great map with a different style. Keep up the work
  3. SIN

    Stroudsburg Arena

    Version 1.0.0


    I made a track in a couple of hours that is inspired by the old map; RC Expo Use some retro trucks, its a good map
  4. If you are wondering why this map is broken, please remove the old version of this map: heywhydoIexist If there are any questions or concerns, you know where to find me.
  5. Version 2.1.0


    Old Andrews Speedway is a speedway just outside of the bustling town of Lauderdale, which was the birthplace of the original founder of Andrews, Andrew Holcomb started a ranch with numerous amounts of livestock that the locals would trade or offer for use of food. Because of how much money he was gaining from the locals, he opened up the town in 1953, putting it on the map. Another one of Andrew's long time friends was deeply into watching races along the coastside. He gained enough money one day to add onto the charm of the lazy town, by adding a speedway just north of the town. Although, Andrew was not doing so great after the speedway's completion in 1968. He unfortunately would die off a couple years later due to his primitive old age. He would die peacefully along with his four greedy sons, who wanted their Dad’s fortune. The controlling mother was only there due to the money he had been given forwarding how longs has been farming. The greedy sons would not get the fortune, it instead went to his friend to add more onto the track and to make a separate but equally awesome track out of the flood zones. Although he had fallen, he had fallen to give others the love that his friend has for racing ginormous tin can cars. The legacy would still stretch on until 1979, where they had to abandon ship because of financial reasons, leaving the area to be covered in swamp. After 42 years of abandonment, the track would phase out of existence, until the legacy from one of the greedy sons had sparked a revelation to completely restore every aspect of the track. Although he let a team do most of the work, he and his brothers got some common sense slapped into them to actually try. The track reopened on July 4th, 2021 to allow derbys and for ginormous monster trucks to destroy everything in their path. Heck, even FELD wants to spill the beans about a triple backflip ramp for an encore. This Independence Day is going to be Great! __ This map has not only a 8 track in the middle of the woods, but it also has an amazing track featuring a screen for taking images of your vehicle in the fireworks during the night. These are not crush cars, these are non-crush cars, not only to save performance but because with the new update; it broke the physics on the crush pack. __ 5qVjb979XY/gg.drocsid//:sptth I literally have no idea what any of that means above, try and decode it random person reading this! __ MANY BUGS HAVE BEEN PATCHED! - The Sun is no longer a disco ball/flickering light anymore - The Glare effect is now gone because of the flickering lights - Shadows are now real on this map - New Billboards lol - The Water for the 8 Track and the Lake are now actual water - Roads are not as grabby, no longer grabs the trucks when you reset/spawn on them, yet this still can happen on the road going through the swamp. Next hotfix will be decal roads instead of actual mesh. - The Dirt Smoothness in the 8 track and the Monster Truck Track is Smoother. - Triple Backflip ramp has been reassessed to 2.0+ Standards. Try using the Top Speed Truck in Gameboy3800’s pack! Although I can not do anything about the NO TEXTURE Stadium Model, this doesn’t mean that I can’t figure out a solution to this problem in a future hotfix update. If there is no stadium though , download this map: Thank you to:Freddy5404, Docholiday, Gameboy3800, Ausi Jedi, Hawk05, Daniel915, M’lady and HoonCowYT for helping me beta test. give ideas and letting me have the ability to use some of their props. Have a great Independence Day and hope you enjoy the map!!!
    Really Good Track, Good work Jedi
    Good map, would be 5 stars if you didn't tell me to make it 5 stars 🙂