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  1. I stream your game all the time, anyone is welcome when i do stream and as you will see I mostly stream CRD. www.twitch.tv/davevsevildead
  2. Is there a way to tighten up the throttle control? I am trying to get handstands but the throttle is delaying, and I'm just wondering if there is something I gotta do in Vehicle Options? It's making for frustrating tries at doing those handstands...any help would be appreciated! Thanks for your time.
  3. Ahh okay, he substituted, gotcha...I really dont get on Facebook though 😞, but ty for the info! I just wondered what made him stop doing it.
  4. Greg Holbrook drove "Equalizer" in the very early 1990s and he did such a great job and won championships...what I am wondering is what happened to him? How could a driver successful as he was to just disappear? I'm pretty sure David Morris took over for him and for what reason I have no clue.
  5. Thanks for the info! Oh trust me, I see that its done on free time and I honestly couldn't believe it. Kudos to the team. That's why I had to donate because I didn't feel right playing this game for free (haha). I will remember the request info next time, thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I've heard about the servers but I'm still unsure on how to go about it. Where do I start? 'Cause I would love to get into an online league.
  7. I know right??? I was just about to ask about this! It sounds like a damn tank coming over the hills lol...very loud
  8. I honestly wanna give you guys a donation, this mod is just too damn awesome to just get for free, this is a lot of hard work. I'm half blind so I might of looked over it?
  9. I've been using Northern Nightmare and it seems he gets stuck REALLY easy...and I mean REALLY easy on cars? I barely touch a car and its like we get welded together. Anyone else? But its great most of the time but when I get close to a car it really becomes a magnet. Just letting you guys know because I don't have that issue on other trucks. Not even Brodozer. Great job btw, I'm loving the new trucks and additions!
  10. I downloaded ALL the tracks, but yet only 75% of them work and I have gotten all the essential downloads and anything else. I click the track it goes to the loading screen then it crashes the game asking me if I wanna send info to BeamNG.
  11. Have you guys thought of making an actual stand alone game that has Career Mode? I would GLADLY pay 59.99 for this physics engine and a career mode!
  12. 1992 Equalizer? I know the body was really slimmed down but just wondering if its possible? David Morris & Greg Holbrook drove it. Also how about a Grave Digger with the GOLD rims? I haven't seen one of those yet. Thanks for your time.
  13. Is there a way to make Louisville? The old figure 8 track? USHRA Louisville 1992 Part One - YouTube