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  1. Creator doesn't want to make it
  2. Thanks captain obvious, i'm sure OP didn't know
  3. Google drive links usually can't read big zip files, which is what you'll find on this website, no one uploaded a virus as every mod uploaded to the site is checked and approved by a moderator, don't be fearful that these mods can contain something harmful
  4. With Easy skins, it's up to guard, and there's no planned release date for an update. And for other projects, CRC is a big one. Other then that, it's just CRD updates and CRC.
  5. Don't have that issue on my end, depending on what the trucks running on, cars can grab ahold of them easily, so this isn't exclusive to NN.
  6. Oh my god, if you watched some of their most recent videos, you'd know they're making it.
    5 stars because mohawk warrior fire
  7. Weird truck but if you looked in show your projects, you would see that gameboy is making it, and next time, follow the proper truck request guide,
  8. You could have an outdated mod, make sure all of your mods are updated (mainly mods that could add parts)
  9. You either don't have mjam's crush car pack, or you're trying to run an outdated map with the crush cars
  10. Bounty Hunter 2020 = Nope Monster Mutt Dalmatian = Maybe Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice = Maybe Batman = Nope 5. Max D Fire = Nope Rage 2021 = Yes Avenger Fire 2019 = Maybe
    "bRo hOwD YoU GeT MOpaR ThuNDEEr" map is great bro
  11. If the truck is a sponsored one, meaning it has a contract, the driver doesn't have a say in bringing it back. In this case, Linsey can't bring crusader back because it isn't his truck.