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    hi i downloaded a few tracks that wont spawn all the way . truckk killer unnatural disaster. arrons indiana fairgronds and mt pleaseant 16 . i have the required files download fps crush pack and fps vehickle packs . the tracks download till it gets to other and then crashes please help
  2. cant get truck killers unnatural disaster to work. have the mods that i need for it to load . it load till it get to others then it stops. downloaded it several times stil wont work. all the other truck killer tracks work . what can i do
  3. jeff

    truck request

    sorry mike i have a lot of respect for you . all you have done for beam-monsters
  4. eradicator equalizer taruas . no problem . excaliber
  5. i downloaded beaming dr sunday . i downloaded truck killer wreckmas . it is in game but wont download other . it only goes to 46 percent . i downloaded the crush pack pleae help