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  1. i did not initially think of making a forum topic about this until I had already sent this suggestion directly to Mike Bev as well.(via his page on this site) I'll post here it pretty much word for word. The rear steering as you know currently has two parts: 'Linked Rear Steering', and 'Independent Rear Steering'(which requires two separate buttons for left and right direction on top of the pre-existing steering axis for the front wheels). My suggestion is: Have another steering part that has a one button you press to activate the rear steering. Then when you let go the steering centers. And/or: Have a part where the rear steering deactivates at a certain speed(a speed you either select from the parts menu, or from the tuning menu. My suggestion(s) comes in part from driving the CRD at speed. Does great with just front steering, but with it linked which I generally have active cause otherwise when I slow down turning is laborious(always have linked due to a lack of enough controller buttons and such also). Unfortunately, at high speeds(like jamming along at 100MPH+)... well rocks love to catch and claim my rear wheels or I fly off a road roof first into a cliff face cause the rear kicks out, and tall truck is tall. For examples. Not to mention more implemented options for activating rear steering seems like a great idea, and would only add to the already tremendous appeal of your the.