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  1. good job and keep doing great.
    Yay a beach monster truck map and I can recreate the hook monster truck crash.
  2. luis

    i need help

    do any of you know how to make a crd monster truck skin on blender.
  3. luis

    Mjam Pack

    I can't find xterminator and pls give me the link.
  4. the trucks i want 1. a custom truck named luisstuffy2 for my youtube channel. 2. brutus. 3. rage. 4. air force. 5. fs1/fox sports 1 . 6. any custom truck for my other youtube channel. 7. hot wheels world finals 2018.. 8. hot wheels slime but it is an spooky truck. 9.madusa. 10.grave digger from world finals 1 or 2 eee
  5. i just want to say if you can make an brutus ,spike ,mega ,bite, fire and ice pack,,,and custom luis stuffy 2 truck for me because for my youtube if you can make it

  6. luis

    luisstuffy/my yt

  7. luis

    luisstuffy/my yt

    my youtube channel is in the link luis stuffy 2 - YouTube