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    Awesome track, very well done
  1. awesome track, this game needs more tracks like this, keep up the good work and i hope to see more tracks from you soon
  2. im not sure where they came from but they have been there as a tire option ever since i downloaded the original crd mod a while ago, the big tractor rims have always been there as well and they work now since the grave digger vintage was released
  3. does anybody know how to get the small tractor rims to work properly on the mud trucks?
    Pretty fun map, love the mud drag section, this game needs more maps like this for the mud trucks
  4. I think it would be cool to see raminator and ramunition in the game
  5. All the trucks from mjams pack have no windshield textures and i have tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the crd packs and nothing works, i see them working for everyone else so im not sure what im doing wrong
  6. the windshield textures are all orange on all the trucks in this pack, any idea how to fix it?