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  1. All content will be released when finished. No set release date.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a replica of the Day 1 show in Gaithersburg, MD at the Montgomery County Fair. Update Added missing jump added missing lines Replaced short bus with full size bus and adjusted ramps Added tires to the pit side race ramp Added logs to the stand side racing ramp Added barriers to help with tire grabbing Modified K-Rail so it doesn't grab tires Modified lighting and added some more lights
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the first event of the 2021 Renegade Monster Truck Tour. There is both day 1 and day 2 shows complete with FSP and Non crush cars. Ow yeah and mud, very slick mud. Special thanks to Colton Kiser for his valuable input on the track conditions on the day 2 show. Put a lot of time into trying to get the track just right, even included the drain the drives wasn't supposed to hit. Hope everyone enjoys, more Renegade tracks coming soon from the 2020 and 2021 season(s).
  4. So here is another little peek at the Bobcat Creations Pack. Also did someone say more mud?
  5. So here is a little teaser for what is coming in the my pack update as well as an update on the Gilbert, Pa Renegade show. A MASSIVE thank you to @Mike Bev for doing the killer jbeam work on everything going into this update. Still a lot of work to do on this update as the 87 and 92 F150 keeps getting adjustments made to give more options.
  6. Trucks the balls, your the bat............out of the park ol buddy
  7. Stop? What does this word mean? Im not familiar with it.
  8. What do I do when I need a break from grinding on all the projects I have? Start another Replica map 😄
  9. Another Renegades track in the making
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is a replica of the Renegade Monster Truck Tour Stop #3 in Clear Brook, VA. In each zip there is both afternoon and evening shows, each has their own unique conditions. I spent a lot of time working on getting the active track space to the proper scale and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. First Download is FPS Crush Cars Second Download is Non Crush Cars I would like to thank @Mike Bevand @Docholidayfor not wanting to shoot me though all the counts questions I have asked while making this map and others. I also want to thank everyone that I have test the map for issues A special thank you to Colton Kiser for testing the map for accuracy and scaling, as well as me picking his brain about the track conditions.
  11. Working on the Clear Brook, Va Renegade Monster Truck Tour show. Its about 80% complete.
  12. Version 2.0.0


    This is a pack of skins created for myself and a few other drivers in the BMPML series. There is also a few personal skins as well as a replica of Rislone Defender. The is also 9 different new headers that work on the Merlin, Ford and Hemi engines. In addition to the headers, there is also 3 new "rim covers" that are sadly not selectable but can be tied into a skin for custom trucks. There is a new bowtie made for the Defender replica that is selectable in the bowtie section. *****IMPORTANT***** There is a header type that is designed only for the CRD3 chassis, these headers are called Flowtech Derby Headers. There is no way at the moment to make them exclusive to a chassis. This is important to know, if you put this type of header on the CRD chassis they will clip through the chassis. The correct version of the Flowtech Derby Headers for the CRD chassis is named Flowtech Upright Headers. They are designed to pass through the CRD chassis correctly. Special Thanks to everyone in the Dev team for their help and input on this project. This pack may not have happened without the nudges of some Dev members for me to do a pack. Required Mods: Credits: All headers, rim covers and bowtie within this pack created by Bobcat Rislone Defender by @Tsunami23 Thanks to @guardblast3for showing me how to do the emissive headlights and the in cab lighting.
    The pack turned out good bud, keep it up.