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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys Guard here with the brand new release of the optional sound pack for the CRD mod. These sounds are based off the real life trucks, and were made to replicate them as best we could with what the BeamNG sound systems allowed us to. Please let us know what you think and also a special thanks to @Mjamfan22 for correcting the file structure,@jedipresence for emotional support and help, and of course my self guard for editing sound files for this Roaring Result! *Discloser These sounds will not change with the headers like the base game sounds do, and BeamNG has technically made
  2. you have either a old file, something ported that you should not be using or need to clear cache. there is no way that bug is because of the mod it's self
  3. does the body say no material or no texture
  4. guardblast3 will become real in 3,2,1.



    guardblast3 is now real

    1. Ampersnow


      guardblast3 is now real

    Amazing work done by Mjam and all of the other creator's involved in making this pack!
  5. Mike Bev has already made it just is not out yet will be soon!
  6. Inviting has temporarily been Disabled will return soon
  7. Hey everyone its guard, for those of you who don't already know i am in charge of all of the Beam-MP servers that Beam-Monsters rents. in the next coming weeks i expect leagues to start forming and starting up, and to help see them grow i want to offer the ability for Beam-monster to host your league in given slotted time frames so that it can be easier for MP leagues to be ran. all league servers will have a changing whitelist of every user in the given league so no-one can join at random and mess up a event. below is a list of rule's and requirements to qualify for a slot time. all slot time
  8. BeamMP is a MOD for the game here is a link for you for it.
  9. here is my 98 gmc c1500, with the 5.7 with some light top end mod's currently is about to need a tranny though. and then you have my 95 toyota celica with the 1.8 5 speed i just replaced the tranny in lol.
  10. If you haven't already seen any of the new videos of Beam-MP and us using the CRD mod of use playing it, i would suggest having a look at them, but first let me explain the difference of Beam-MP vs Parsec the old way of event hosting. Parsec parsec is a free service that allows users to connect to another users computer and basically co-op play on the other users computer. we used this to use the multi seat feature in beamng, this allowed the MSEC to be hosted by gameboy3800. how ever we has issues with this from time to time since controller support for X-input on one pc is only up
  11. guardblast3


    welcome and glad to see you coming along for the ride 🙂
    great for fair ground maps and pit party scene