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  1. The latest addition to the pack:
  2. What is up everyone, it has been awhile since I last posted. Today I will show the latest progress of my pack and I will talk a bit about release. First the progress, I have updated Disney XD to be a bit more realistic. this update includes: A reworked hood and updated sides A new truck has been added to the pack, a custom Sudden Impact: That is it for the progress of my pack, now on to the release. I originally planned to release this pack a few weeks ago with the custom Destroyer being the last truck made for first release. That plan has changed. The reason is the fact that CRD 2.5 will change some things that requires files to be updated. I do not want to release something only for it to be useless a short time later. during this time I am and will be improving and adding some skins.
  3. this will be the final skin for the first release of the HRZ Pack: The Destroyer Repli-custom other skins for the first release are: Wstern Claw Loud 'N Dirty Repli-Custom: the custom C10 Equalizer: and off course, Disney XD: NOTE: Bad Company will NOT be included in the first release of the HRZ pack due to copyright issues. I will have to re do it for a future update.
  4. Should be out in a month or so, stay tuned.
  5. The latest truck for my upcoming pack:
  6. Hey everyone, this is the first video of a series of video's that will guide you in the process of making skins for the latest version of CRD (2.4 at the moment). This video covers the basics of making and packing a skin. Future videos will go deeper in the process.
    perhaps the pack with the greatest customs on the site! Man, that new custom chassis is giving me some serious Bounty Hunter vibes, keep up the great work!
  7. It has been to long since my last custom
  8. Well the logo's and decals are done, the only things left are the ocean blue-ish color details, darkened tail lights and color adjustments for the rims. still W.I.P