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  1. Should be out in a month or so, stay tuned.
  2. The latest truck for my upcoming pack:
  3. Hey everyone, this is the first video of a series of video's that will guide you in the process of making skins for the latest version of CRD (2.4 at the moment). This video covers the basics of making and packing a skin. Future videos will go deeper in the process.
    perhaps the pack with the greatest customs on the site! Man, that new custom chassis is giving me some serious Bounty Hunter vibes, keep up the great work!
  4. It has been to long since my last custom
  5. Well the logo's and decals are done, the only things left are the ocean blue-ish color details, darkened tail lights and color adjustments for the rims. still W.I.P
    brilliant pack!!!
  6. yes, I have already started with it
  7. I also went to arnhem in 2014 lol, but I don't remember seeing Disney XD that year. I believe the last time Disney XD ran was at arnhem 2013 (which I also attended).