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  1. Its the advertisement. close that tab and your all set!
  2. Dear Beam-Monsters community, Its me Lefty F. I just wanna say thank you for letting me be in the serer for as long as I could! I know what i did wrong and you don't have to forgive me. I will not complain because I made the bad decision. Sincerely, Lefty Fasnose
  3. Its Kinda under development but can we have different skins for avenger? I think it would be cool. Idk im just asking. here are the 2 skins. Avenger wf 20 Avenger global it would be cool if it happened
    Didn't work at first but got it to 5/5
  4. Well i like them all but Gunslinger is my fav
  5. Hello i have been trying to spawn in my CRD 1.19 trucks for awhile and they wont work when they spawn in all it does is make my screen go black and crash my BeamNG. Any Advise to get it working?