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    I really love this track, really was one of the best at Houston that was ran there, and with all the line work and decals and textures that had to go into the track along with making the track itself, and then all the detail. That just simply makes this one of the best tracks I've seen yet that's out there.
    This is a really great track that you can tell had a lot of effort put into it, simply a beautiful and well made track, can't wait to see more just like this. Keep up the hard work.
  1. I'm just going to drop this little preview into here, because it's coming back.
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    the post above me is a bruh moment
  3. lmao I feel like the part about the old 2013 is just for me
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the All-Star 2 track from RoR, I hope y'all enjoy. This took me what? 5 months? I dont even remember. Importing stuff: @spearsj Original RoR Track Makers: @DannyMackey & @AaronLurie If I didn't give you proper credit then please DM on Discord, "ThatOneDriver#5993"
  5. Version 1.1.1


    There are 2 secrets in this map, one being more obvious than the other one. File 1: Racing, TWS, and Freestyle What can I say? It's the Hoonigan Burnyard in Beamng Drive, made to be like an official Monster Jam event instead of that one Hoonigan video. (Link is at the bottom of the description.) Somehow, the Hoonigan boys convinced Feld to hold an event in the Burnyard, where 8 trucks would compete in, "The Hoonigan Burnyard Showdown," to be crowned, "The Champ of the Burnyard." You can obvious tell that Ryan won that title. Had to reupload this as the first post got
    I'm rating this by comparing it too other Jedi maps and only based on the track, the stadium looks amazing! I unfortunately have to say that this is one of the worst Jedi maps that we have gotten yet, which is a bummer cause the track looks so dang good. The track isn't the best for what its made for and some things just don't make the track good. The layout is unique but has some sour spots in it, like the lack of a container backflip ramp, some jumps just landing you in terrible spots, and some possible jumps being left out of the track. (Side of the water, next to the van, other side o
    This a really good map, no problems with it besides the beam ones.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    File 1: Racing File 2: Freestyle Welcome to something that will never exist, thank you Feld. I hope you all like the track and have a good day as always. Thanks to: School for making me rush this a little @spearsj for editing the RJS model for the stands@maxdman - Various textures and models @Chris B - Pirate ship model and textures @RockCrwlr - Original stadium props and textures @DannyMackey - Grip settings, file organizing, and car models (Testmobile) @AaronLurie - Stadium model, track model and textures
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here we go... Its happening... This dumb stupid track made out of blocks from Manchester, UK is now playable in Beamng Drive... Do keep in mind that there is a custom version of Manchester "BASED" off of the 2019 layout. Although the only things they share are the locations of the racing lanes and that one of the jumps has tires as the ramp... Now my third and fourth (Or just third if you counts two as the same track for some reason.) tracks to be released on Beam-Monster, see all of you very soon with the sequel to my Tacoma World Finals, this time in Raymond James Stadium. I hope you all enj
    This was the eighth event actually that I went too (Ninth if you count Monster on Main street) and I'm glad to see it remade in Beamng Drive. Its a good track and is really fun to just mess around on.