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    I cannot believe how far this mod has come. Having been with this mod sense the nonbreakables i am so insanely impressed with this team of devs. Everyone on this dev team is extremely gifted when it comes to helping make this truck a reality, and it shows. Please continue to keep up the amazing work, You guys do deserve a break after this one though.
  1. trxc5r


    I personally play the RP side quite alot. I co own a server on it and am the sheriff. Its like a whole nother life that you get to live. ive got 500 hours so far and investing more and more by the day. Most played game on steam followed by Beam.
  2. trxc5r


    What are your guys thoughts on FiveM. Do you guys play on it. Do you prefer the RP side or the mess around side.
  3. It was Different. We did it on FiveM so we could do more vehicles. We had addon monster trucks as well. I did Monster energy. and had a custom map. there was Max-D,Gravedigger,Pastrana 199, Mohawk Warrior, and Zombie. It was alot of fun. One guy jumped it over 30 feet into the air. I wish i could have got video of it. Max-D won cause he did a quad front flip somehow thanks to GTAs broken physics. I got second and zombie One hit wondered. If i could i would do it again. I know a server to play on as well with monster trucks. lasted like 20 minutes. 10/10 would do again
  4. trxc5r


    Hey i was a long term member of the CRD on the forums named crashintime . i use this name as its my main on everything else. Cant wait to see all of this flourish and hopefully Become the next SIm