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  1. These all run willman, so give it time.
  2. This track would be SICK to have in beam, hopefully we get it at some point!
  3. Max-D Fire and Max-D Black are both on a willman, which we don't have yet, but El toro ice is something that might be made.
  4. This sounds like a good lineup, especially since we got the best of the best in here.
  5. I'm not sure when Zombie will happen, considering the arm movements are hard to get down and the body would be hard to model (for me at least) but I agree that it would be cool to have.
  6. I think fire SUD would be cool to have ngl.
  7. Some of these are being made already; rage, avenger fire (I think?) I'm not quite sure whats up with the monster mutts rn, but ik a few of these are in the works, however Max D Fire won't happen because its a willman.