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  1. sorry messed up the pole the other options are. the early 70s to the mid 70s- the late 70s to the mid 80s- the late 90s to the mid 90s- the late 90s to the super speedway cars of 2007 aka gen 4- the cot aka the 2010s- the modern era and sorry
  2. nascar is one of my favorites motor sports although not my all time favorite nascar has had a really long and rich history since 1949 to well..... now hahaha with the upcoming gen 7 update to the cars we hope to see better racing than the gen 6 also i encourage you to post pics of your favorite cars and stuff like that just a few rules be kind and nice keep it respectful and keep the offense to a minimum please thank you for visiting the nascar forum
  3. hopefully because I loved the king krunch trucks on the C-10 body i heard something about it from someone i think i am so attached to it because my uncle had one on the farm
  4. the C-10 body was one of my favorites in beam by bbgamer aka the square body also if you like post some of your favorite trucks on the body IRL
  5. i want the c-10 body back so we can have old skins maybe son of a krunch would be cool lets just hope
  6. did the lightbar get fixed yet or no also happy Thanksgiving buddy
    i love this truck someone else said that they loved mud patrol so did i! when tom drove this truck you couldn't turn the channel or look away from the screen the lightbar and the cool blue that would sometimes appear was so sick and thank you for adding that. this is on the scale of the bigfoot pack i love it so much such a great pack and the chrome is very well done the ram ford and Chevy body's you used all fit 5 out of 5 stars great job bud:)
  7. but bud you where the only one who said anything lol people stared posting pictures and said nothing about it
  8. well bud if you have been on discord you will know how the rules are worded
  9. i love pony express a very unique body style a mustang you don't see that now
  10. in my opinion old monster trucks are the best trucks. the rules are 1. no trucks past 2009 2. no fake trucks that you made up for the love of god 3. the final rule is (if you can) please post pictures of the truck unless you truly can't. and that's about it have fun and talk about your favorite monster old monster trucks
  11. i have went to Athens before a lot of cool stuff to see. i love the freestyle layout for the smaller time trucks great stuff