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  1. just wanted to say that my discord account gone has been deleted. and i wont go back on there just wanted to let everyone know.
  2. do you think sting would work on this body?
  3. how do you put a pic on this site.
  4. simply put the most underrated truck ever. reptoid has had many forms over its three decades of comp. the truck has been sold now and i think the most we can do is a good send off for a legendary truck. 🙂
  5. could you do a 2000s spider man like the debut truck
    i have the first issue comic of symbiote ( or i used to lol don't ask) this is so good man hope to see more. is i can request this maybe a 2000s og spider man skin
  6. what? js7 is the goat
  7. rules be nice have fun and talk about your favorite schemes from the three main Nascar series not including modified ( but you can post them if you want lol) please no fic stuff.
  8. jazz, gangster rap, rap, anything 80s/70s, mob rap, classical music and r&b
  9. sorry messed up the pole the other options are. the early 70s to the mid 70s- the late 70s to the mid 80s- the late 90s to the mid 90s- the late 90s to the super speedway cars of 2007 aka gen 4- the cot aka the 2010s- the modern era and sorry
  10. nascar is one of my favorites motor sports although not my all time favorite nascar has had a really long and rich history since 1949 to well..... now hahaha with the upcoming gen 7 update to the cars we hope to see better racing than the gen 6 also i encourage you to post pics of your favorite cars and stuff like that just a few rules be kind and nice keep it respectful and keep the offense to a minimum please thank you for visiting the nascar forum
  11. hopefully because I loved the king krunch trucks on the C-10 body i heard something about it from someone i think i am so attached to it because my uncle had one on the farm