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    Only lightly surprised this category has been empty for so long, so I may as well take up slot one ya know? So since Beam Monsters is full of creative individuals (Or atleast I wanna believe that), just wondering if anyone here does any form of development on Roblox, or if they've ever. For me personally, I was a small clothing designer before they started charging 10 robux a piece (For every upload, pants and shirt separately), and I was making a game until Studio updates kept ruining my scripts to the point the GUI no longer reacted to the basic scripts I made almost two years ago, and at this moment I've dedicated my development time to scripting a Discord bot instead, except when my friend asks me for scripting advice. I'd show an image but I refuse to send an image URL B)
  2. I'm looking forward to it
  3. Hello all, E. Glitch here. I'm confident that anyone reading this has never seen me before anywhere but I just felt "Why not make a post?" so here we go. I joined this community around a year or so ago after finding it through BeamNG's page, talked to a few guys in the Discord then vanished. Hadn't really bothered communicating with anyone, was just enjoying the CRD mods, cause I was a Monster Jam addict since I was young but I tend to be introvertive. That's pretty much the short story of how I got here, but otherwise I'm just a small YouTuber who's been working to grow (Oh yeah, I play on a potato laptop). I started going by E. Glitch around June or July of last year, one of the two (Made this logo July 4th, which was after I started going by it, so I can only guess) But my OG friends know me as Tore. I do some sort of digital art, scripting (Luau and JavaScript, though I'm hella new to JS), occassionally random models (Recently pure melee weapons), and more that I don't feel like digging into (It's 4AM and details is a no😊). If there's anything that interests you, feel free to comment and I'll respond when I can.