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  1. map charlotte why motor on speedway is the?
  2. scott hartsock was an amazing driver and was with the sport for over 20 years. he died yesterday in a crash. rip
  3. With this new beamng update it deleted all my mods, so i re-downloaded crd monster truck, put it in my mods folder, and when i go in game, its not there. help!?!?
  4. Yeah you have to download beamng first. its a really fun game and you can do more then monster trucks!
  5. after you download the trucks, click the downloads tab at the top of this page and find some tracks that you would want to use. you can search for arenas and stadiums or use recommended. the way to download those is the same as the truck. click the file, click download, when its done show in folder, and put the file in a folder called mods
  6. thats ok, first thing your gonna want to do is download this file, click on the orange download button and it should install. after the download is done you have to click on the bottom, hit "show in folder", and drag the file to a file called mods. the mods file comes along with the game after you download the actual beamng game
  7. ok so first click downloads tab, then pick the one with the max d pfp. or heres a link. click on it, download the pack with the button that says download on the right. then when the download finishes at the bottom of your screen, click "show in folder" then drag the pack into the folder that says mods. heres the link click on the photo:
  8. hey adam! big fan. what problems are you having. need help downloading files?
  9. Hey guys! I've been around for a little while, but have never really contributed, so I am gonna make some vids on YouTube (already done recording, just need to edit) and I want to learn how to make trucks n tracks! any tips would be appreciated and kudos to anyone making this website better!
  10. ok so I just got the new 1.17 pack with some other ford fi50 skins and a couple of the skins have the windshield and inside of the parts saying "NO TEXTURE" on orange. and on some ford f150s like the red and white one, along with a bigfoot, have wheels falling off at spawn. WHAT DO I DO?
  11. here are some monster truck skin ideas that should be done. -scarlett bandit -bounty hunter -hurricane force -black stallion -storm damage -black pearl -stone crusher. These are all doable skins so please get this done.
  12. wait, then how did i see gamepay with them?
  13. Hi I am not new to beamng monster trucks but I am new to this website, I as on the other forum. I have seen youtubers like T.ray use the ford f150 body, and not his old videos, his new ones. he uses skins like metal mulisha and monster energy. where can I get those skins.