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  1. The Grave Digger 20th Anniversary Should already been in BlzPack. You will need to manual Change the paint in game, but it should be there.
  2. Big things coming for the next BlzPack update, First and formost, a New Mega Mud truck Chassis, With a shorter wheelbase, raised cradle design, this is the perfect truck to throw on the Mud wheels and for for a spin. Current customizations for it include up to 8 swaybars It also supports all Monster truck wheels and tires from the CRD, and will also be compatible with Bodies. And on the Lesser note, The CRD2.0 makes a return in the form of an alternate Digger Chassis, with the narrow front end of the 3.0, with the compatibility of the older skins including Grave Digger the Legend
  3. Cool concept, however the execution will take FOREVER, especially with the custom Airbag suspension and all, 95% or more would have to be done from scratch, Model looks pretty good though, dig the Rockwell axles on the paid for model
  4. Swaybars have been brought to my attention, and I have found a Fix for them, will be out in the next patch!
  5. Different Cages + Different Halos
  6. Have you Downloaded BlzPack as stated in the decrepitation?
    Great map, would love to see the others someday!
  7. If you actually read the description, you may have seen this. Next Time Read before complaining.
  8. Can easily change the gearing ratios in the tuning menu
  9. If you want to take Tighter turns and do donuts, Put on "Linked Rear Steering" in the parts menu, Or Use the G and H functions.
  10. We have almost any Chassis you can name in blender and ready to go, the main issue is doing a custom J beam for every different type, however work on a new one *may* start soon
  11. Seems to be a common bug, I will have to go through and check them again.
  12. boo funder circa 2002 , more 2 come