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  1. 755 downloads

    Hello everyone hope 2021 is treating them well so far and hope this track with this track. This track was really fun to make and even more fun to drive around on. Eventually I will update it with just the Speedway so you can do racing and whatever your heart desires!. ūüėÉ Also thanks to @Boss987 and @Broken_machine92 for helping out testing and getting some models for the the track. this track has two versions racing and freestyle. there is no needed mods for this map so don't worry should have no lag!. Also there is a go kart track behind the grand stands feel free to do some car racing in the
  2. Version 2


    Hello everyone this is the third time uploading this. Hope all is well this track was fun to paint and build. Thanks to maxdman for the track model and thanks to @Broken_machine92for putting the model in game but anyway im going to leave it here hope you guys enjoy the track sadly its only going to get 30 downloads but anyway enjoy! Credits: Track Model: Maxdman Stadium model: maxdman Links: Link 1: Racing Link 2: Freestyle Important Links:
  3. 431 downloads

    Hello everyone hope everyone's thanksgiving was good. Today I'm uploading this custom track I made for my comeback I have been been under the low for a while now and I feel its time for me to come back and start off fresh!. So here we go this is my custom Evansville I made for a friend who goes to Evansville. But anyway here is the track the Non FPS version has 9 beam cars so if you have a low end computer download the FPS version. But anyway enjoy the track and let me know what you want to see next links below. Link 1: Non FPS Version Link 2: FPS Version Links: Meow Meow