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  1. Diggerfan has already started one he's making the TNT Stomper..
  2. the request goes in that section not here. and everybody been saying time and skill.
  3. Wasn't being rude.. i mean i could of said it in all caps but no i was calm cool and just being postive and really thinkin is this putting pressure on the content maker..
  4. It will be out when he puts it out... relax
  5. if you feel that way won't you get on here and build a atlanta motor speedway.
  6. i'm willing to learn if there's a proper video on how to make it. i wanna use the hopper jeeps..
  7. Are you gonna make the truck
  8. bigfootfan2020

    Ride Truck

    Not showing up for me
  10. Thank you so much big brotha they are freaking killa
  11. I really do wanna help make content just the matter of someone helping me out. I wanna make my ol lady a monster truck on here using the hopper jeep. Wanna bring something diffrent making a monster truck jeep. but like i said just for her. as far as someone helping me out just send me info about what to do and check up on my progress already downloaded blender. Thank you this goes out to the Devlopers of the mods and all
  12. when you go into your documents folder go to its a folder at the very bottom called moved here all your mods are still there. or just clear cache