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  1. The third season of the ever growing LMC is beginning in a couple weeks! This tour runs through discord without the use of Parsec or MP allowing each competitor to use their preferred settings, tunes, and controls! Competitions included are Time Trials, Skills Competition, and the main event: FREESTYLE! There will be 10 stops leading up to the world finals! We have limited spots available so if you're interested join with the link below! Link to Join: https://discord.gg/E4s3xKYfQT
    Absolutely LOVE Siege. Have over 700 hours logged in it since moving to PC and another 200ish on Xbox before that. Would love to see this expanded in the future 🙂
  2. Woosh

    FEVER V1 Pack

    Awesome pack! Love the designs!
    I love seeing some of my favorite classics getting revamps! Keep up the grind Bev!
    Mad respect for putting in the effort! Looks great and runs well! Would recommend!
  3. Both of those trucks are in the Creten Modified CRD chassis that MJam has already made in game. I could be mistaken but Im pretty sure MJam is also already in the process of making these two as well as other Creten paint schemes already 🙂
  4. Police 19 recordings: Racing: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nvtcujs7cn54vtf/file Best Trick: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l67m6gzck10chj1/file Freestyle: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymyzzmydml5f8k0/file
  5. I've decided to start a mini freestyle only series. Itll be 6 stops and starting early August. If you'd like to join dm my discord @Da12thOne#4088 and Ill send you the invite to the server! I hope to see some of y'all there!
  6. Isn't this in Australia? Looks a bit like Adelaide maybe?
    I love how so many maps are getting revamped to be better than ever now that the community has expanded and weve created this site! I can't wait to see all the amazing work to come!
  7. 1. Replica 2. Last Tacoma show were it was treated as a mini-stadium (as it should be). Its a large arena with room for lots of fun, and monster jam took advantage of that this year. It was also the largest Tacoma Show and the final iteration of "Rock The Dome." Plus we already have a Tacoma Dome model. 3. Rock The Dome 2014, Tacoma Dome 4. Tacoma, Washington 5. Monster Jam 6. Layout: Racing is Chicago style with fun table top/double jumps. 7. I believe this would be a fun track to have, and it's one of my favorite shows I've ever been to. It's my hometown track and would greatly appreciate someone putting in the effort to make it in game.
  8. Woosh


    Could we get these Destroyers in game in the future? Forgive me if they aren't CRD's I just like the design and think they'd be nice to have in game. The trophy truck would be cool to have with those flags as well since the current owner is from Washington (my home state). The old one would be a nice to have on the F-150 body.