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    great work bud. great flow and a fun racing layout
  1. Version 1.0.0


    Just a couple bros making skins based off R6S
  2. dude thats not your grandma y u lie
  3. Version 1.9.0


    A pack full of some customs I did with a handful of reps. I take skin requests so DM me on Discord (D Fiddy#9468) It might get a spot in the pack! Hopefully more skins to come! More Bodies will eventually come but keep in mind I'm not putting every body on the chassis! Enjoy 🙂 File One is My reps and Custom Pack File Two is my custom Chassis (note MOPAR THUNDER IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM!!!) I don't like to be that guy but this truck is my baby so I don't really want it being used in any competition when I'm not behind the Controller but none competition use is of cou
    Super fun map great work brotha
    Super Clean Brotha keep up the good work