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  1. some aussie trucks like scooby doo (it is different) the convict wicked raptors rampage aussie avenger (for crc) outback thunda batman
  2. as an aussie i think the aussie avenger, convict, wicked, extreme, aussie reaper and raptors rampage would be awesome additions if they could be done i just rembered another awesome aussie truck scooby doo also i saw kreg christensen drive wicked and aussie reaper as he destroyed the trucks like a max-d driver should🤣 not sure about chasis but theyre all awesome and i have seen most of them and another historical aussie truck outback thunda not the new outback thunda but the new one would be much better old😅
  3. ive deleted all my mods multiple times and reinstalled the truck packs about the same amount of times but they wont work or show up in game. I have also deleted the game and reinstalled twice.