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  1. CRGZ

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    Version 1.0.3


    Hey, it's me CRGZ and I present you the second official bike mod made from scratch. TRY NOT TO REUPLOAD THANKS This is the Yamaha YZF-R6 and was started back in October. READ EVERYTHING HERE BEFORE DOWNLOADING Now let me tell you that this is my FIRST mod so do not expect anything too good, though there will be further updates to better the issues. Features of the bike: TWO FRAMES (Sport and naked chassis) 25 currently existing configurations Full rideability (Steering/leaning is extremely difficult) Fully animated props (Clutch, brakes, gear shifters, shock. Unfortunately no animated chain) Fully working lights Working digital/analog gauge Very flexible color palettes Working Mirrors Exhaust smoke and pops Engine start up and running sounds Supports the stig with 3 configurations Police version Wheelie function Underglow package (To change the actual underglow color, go into the TUNING section) Different engines (With multiple different attachments) Decals Different tailpipe/exhaust Framesliders/crashbars 2 different swingarms (Street, drag) Multiple different wheels Different types of steering (WIP) JATO ECU 3 Types of ABS Over 32 different accessories A lot of tuning features BIKE STAND INCLUDED: To use the bike stand, simply spawn it up, move it closer to the rear of the bike, enter the bike, and press "L". How to Ride: Since the bike is very experimental, I can say for sure that this mod is possible the WORST at handling by far. Ride by going very easy at the start of the acceleration, if you're on keyboard, tap the acceleration once for it to go into first gear then you may accelerate, if you're using a controller, just go easy on the throttle and steering. I ALSO HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE IT TO THE GRID, SMALL, PURE MAP TO TEST THE BIKE OUT BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO GO IN THE CITY WHICH YOU'll MOST LIKELY FAIL TO RIDE. Notes: - If you want to allocated the bike to a different location, go into free cam mode and move to the desired location, then press f7, it should spawn the bike there. KNOWN ISSUES (READ CAREFULLY): - Skins do NOT work (Figuring that out) - Leaning/handling of the bike needs a LOT of work, that's why this mod is still WORK IN PROGRESS (DON'T COMPLAIN IN THE REVIEWS) - Saddlebags do NOT open (Also figuring that out) - Bike tends to lean to one side because of improper weight distribution - The bike does NOT like to go above 300kmh/186mph otherwise death wobbles will occur, this is something I cannot fix. - Wing addon: Literally will not fly even if you tried. It's just for fun and I'm too lazy to remove it - Naked bikes will tip over to the left each time you CTRL + R. To fix this or the tipping issue: Fn + home. - Engine will NOT hydrolock underwater or "break" as far as I know. - There will be many errors in the console regarding the LUA controller, though it won't affect the bike itself. - Error message popping up when you first load up the bike If there are ANY more issues, feel free to contact me on Discord: CRGZ#4689, or write a review understating the issue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERALL PROGRESS: Modelling; 100% JBeam; 90% Texturing: 100% (Texturing credit goes to @william custer) Thank you to all my testers: @Ryo13silvia , @Fordster , @Foxbody , @william custer , @Sweeper , @MTKush ,@iRetr0x , Thank you to everyone who's helped me learn: @TrackpadUser , @LucasBE ,@Ryo13silvia ,@Inn0centJok3r ,@AX53 ,@PlaytestDS , @Fordster , @Foxbody , @MTKush , @iRetr0x ,@FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL , @Copunit12 @EnjoyMyHItsYT @Dee_Dop ,@william custer , @Sweeper Feel free to leave any honest review, I'd like to know how to improve it in the future (Also sub to me on Youtube because I deserve it very much lol: Thank you. -CRGZ