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i'm in Voodoo Envy for the last time

It's here! It's Back! It's time for Official gameboy3800 Community Event #7! Here's a tl;dr version of the rules, as this is long boi post. If i missed anything, please dont hesitate to ask question

Martyr  Discord - Trevor

On 8/6/2020 at 12:55 PM, SIN said:

@gameboy3800 Would you rather have just the normal orbit cam shot or would making the thing cinematographic work too?


I'm editing one of my runs to look like an actual FELD run or a broadcasted run, would you allow this? 

just so long as the moment the truck crosses the line is clear and even, yes.

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I'll use Bigfoot circa 1999 - name to display will be "dynomite"

dr-retire-26 ¬ę Bigfoot 4√ó4, Inc. ‚Äď Monster Truck Racing Team


Also, just had one question about the format. Editing can have slight time discrepancies, depending on how accurate the cuts are, relative to the entire length of the race, which could skew results. I think everyone who is editing it submit one unedited video of the orbit cam, just to ensure the final times are correct. Thanks all! Looking forward to this!

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