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Stop 4: Glendale, Arizona

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Hello all beam monsters site members welcome back to the weekly recap, This week the teams went West to Glendale, Arizona and took over Statefarm Stadium home of the Arizona Cardinals. Lets start off with our Field of Trucks


Nightmare Fueled Driven by Austin

Twisted Fate Driven by Spiffy

Fun-Haver Driven by Prawn

7/11 Savage Driven by Killer

Squid Industries Driven by Squid

Heatwave driven by Dak

Sting Driven by Atomic

Mohawk Warrior Driven by Album

El Toro Loco Ice Driven by Steeples

Bigfoot Driven by Joey

Titan Driven by Twisted 


Racing this week was primed to be great, After last weeks complicated course in Charlotte the drivers were happy to return to somewhat normal racing with a Modern day twist, Paperclip racing. In the practice sessions alone it was clear this would be another good week of racing, Many drivers were posting fast times or involved in photo finishes. It was the hometown boys night though, as Fastest Qualifier Austin in Nightmare Fueled stayed scarily consistent in the good lane, and made quick work of this bracket, defeating spiffy in the finals. 


In the Mid-event this week, we opted for best trick as this track was practically made for it with many different angles and ways to attack the pod technically. Alot of drivers opted for the maximum moonwalk to backflip and many executed it Like Killer and Prawn who each had impressive hits off of the backflip ramp, however it would be Dak in Heatwave securing the victory for his crew. Funny thing is Heatwave, Fun-Haver and 7/11 Savage all had 41's however with the tie breaker being first to place the score wins, Heatwave would take it home followed by Savage in Second and Fun-haver in 3rd


Finally the fan favorite event, Freestyle! working on somewhat of a truck killer since we are on the racing version, if drivers were going to air it out they had to be cautious as it would be very easy to case the middle pod and break a 4 link or even worse. Just like best trick however Dak would show up again and take home the freestyle win with a mix of technical ability and intense momentum to boot. 


Top 5 in points

1. Fun-Haver--------- 140

2. Nightmare Fueled --------- 123

3. 7/11 Savage--------- 111

3. Twisted Fate--------- 111

5. El Toro Loco--------- 103


This Week we will be going into a pre midseason break and testing out a few things we went over in our recent officials meeting, but i will still do a recap of how testing went and new things we implement, Have a great week y'all! 





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