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Stop 5: DuQuoin, Illinois

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It's the halfway mark this week, As drivers and crew head down to Duquoin, Illinois for some Arena Action for the first time this year. With a lot of guys who like to full send this would definitely be a challenging course as too much gas and youll end up in a wall, let's see how everyone faired this week! As always lets kick off with our field of trucks!


Fun-Haver Driven by Prawn

7/11 Savage Driven by Killer

Squid Industries Driven by Squid

El Toro Loco Driven by Steeples

Twisted Fate Driven by Spiffy 

Grave Digger Driven by Prosper

Jurassic Attack Driven by Clem

Max-D Driven by Bama

Bearfoot Driven by Pepput 

Son-Uva Digger driven by Album

Nightmare Fueled Driven by Austin

Heatwave Driven by Dak


This week we saw many new faces. Grave Digger, Max-D And Jurassic Attack all ran for the first time under new drivers. As the season has played out and drivers have progressed and regressed, the bracket tends to look similar every week as the usual fast guys have been slowly pulling away. In the end however it would be Prawn and Killer who would stay consistent all night and meet in the finals. It was a very close race, but as we have come to see week after week Prawn is just too fast and would go on to claim racing again this week. 


It has been a couple of shows since we have run Mini Monsters, but they made their return this week here in Duquoin. One of the more anxiety inducing tracks we have done all season as drivers would be competing head to head and come right at each other when going over the middle pod, there would be absolutely no room for error this week as it would mean utter destruction. One of the highlights of this week would have to be when ETL and Nightmare fuel collided. As the trucks were coming around there turn, both were pretty sloppy, Austin had tagged the wall and damaged the truck badly and steeples was very loose. Once they went over the center pod it was inevitable they would make contact and they did, however steeples was able to finish. More of the same however as prawn was Mr. Consistent again claiming the racing victory for Minis


Freestyle was an absolute truck killer. For context not a single driver filled time for freestyle this week, with many drivers going over early, or breaking on the wall. Rookie or Veteran there was no discrimination as truck after truck met their match on this bigger arena Floor. For the first time this season though we would see our first event sweep, as prawn lasted the longest and would take home the Freestyle win claiming all 3 events for tonight. 


Next week we will be going on a bye week as we test out some tracks, and other things we'd like to incorporate into our league next season! to wrap up the recap this week, here are the top 5 in points! 


Points Standings:

1. Fun-Haver===============182 

2. Nightmare Fueled=============== 150

3. 7/11 Savage=============== 139

4. El Toro Loco=============== 135

5. Twisted Fate=============== 127

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