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Mid-season Break: Motorsports Playground

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Took a quick break from all the points action to test out a map and new events this week!


The first 5 events of our season have been solid, at times the action could have been a little better, but I could not be happier with how far we've come for, in addition to how much we have in store next season. Anyways moving forward with the event recap, we brought the trucks down to the Awesome Motorsports Playground map where we held a fun run event to see how our competitors' computers would handle this massive track, and surprisingly most fared well and we were able to run our event no issue. Monster Truck racing and freestyle was held on the Dirt Oval 2 track. In my opinion, this was one of the most fun racing layouts we had done all season, the rolling jumps coupled with the containers in the turn made for some very close races. Many races were very close, some look to even be runaways untill the final turn, Steeples, Killer and Squid were all in positions to win their race, but each truck failed to navigate the container properly, costing each of them a win. In the end Clem and Prawn would meet in the finals, and in what would have been upset of the year in a normal event, Clem knocked off Prawn straight up!


Onto freestyle, While the track was a little bare bones, Every driver still made the most of every hit as this fun run had some of the highest scores per run we have seen all season, with the 2 lowest scores being a 12 and 17, every other score was at least 28 or higher. Many drivers utilized the 4 shipping containers in one way or another, For some like Album driving SUD, it was a backflip off of it, for others it would be a wheelie, and for a couple it was utter destruction like Steeples. Piloting RAGE tonight for the fun run, Steeples looked to be on his way to a great freestyle run, however after full sending it over the pod, he did not have enough room to stop and hit one of the takeoff ramps, which launched him in the air, and while in the air he completed 2 full cartwheels before slamming back down to the track. Prawn would reign supreme in the Funrun freestyle mixing fast momentum with huge air and other cool tricks.


Now to the fun part, NASCAR racing! Admittedly it was a shit show, however we still had alot of fun competing in the first 2 heats since we never made it to the main. In heat 1 we saw Pepput take home the win, and in Heat 2 Clem would take home the racing win for his heat! This definetly had the potential to be a great event however with lag and internet issues, it made it more of a wreck fest than anything however we will tighten the rules up and try to bring it back this week! Thats right we will back again but this time at the actual Monster Truck Track on the Map!


Here are some Monster Truck and NASCAR highlights












Have a great week yall!

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