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Stop 6: Motorsports Playground Monster Truck Course

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The action this week was fast, reckless and everything in-between, let's get right into the weekly recap!


Kicking things off with our biggest racing bracket yet, 15 different trucks would compete to be crowned the winner here tonight. On top of our biggest bracket ever, every single truck was able to qualify, giving everyone in the field a better idea of how everyone was running, and boy was it close. out of the 15 who posted qualifying times, 7 of those were in the 29 second range, but everyone was blown away by Spiffy, who came in and threw down a 28.72 and easily claimed Fastest Qualifier. Practice would continue on but even with Spiffy's time being a lot faster than most of the field it still felt like anyone's race.  Alot of story lines would come up in round 1, it would be the 4th time 7/11 Savage and Killer would Meet Bearfoot and Pepput in round 1, A rematch of last weeks fun run Final between Prawn and Clem, and Squid Taking on Drift. Upset of the night would have to go to Steeples, Faced with the daunting task of being matched up with Prawn in the second Round, Steeples had his blinders on, laying down a blazing fast pass and knocking off prawn in a close one, unfortunately he would not make it past Austin  in nightmare fueled, and on the opposite side of the bracket, Spiffy would knock Killer as he has done so in the semis a couple of times. it would be another Twisted Fate V Nightmare fueled finals, one that everyone was excited for. As both trucks left the line they stayed even through the first turn, and over the speed bump and tabletop, but just it had done so to numerous other competitors in practice and the event, spiffy caught a weird bounce, which would mess up his turn entry, effectively ending his chances, Nightmare Fueled and austin would roar down the stretch for the final time, and return to the pits your racing champ for the night.


With one of our best racing brackets out of the way, we moved on to our new mid-event, Demo-cross Racing! 8 Drivers in 2 separate heats would battle it out to see who the last car could be standing in this demolition derby style race. Drivers competed on the same course the monster trucks did, and while mostly for fun, did yield some great moments like the finish to heat 1. It looked like Dak would easily take things home, as he had almost a half a lap lead on everyone, but disaster would strike coming over the tabletop as he would make contact with the concrete pipe inserted in the track, on the 2nd to last lap. From there the new top four looked like it would be , Smoggy, Squid ,Austin then Album, but coming around the last turn album would clip the turn pod, sending him on 2 wheels and leaving just enough room for Killer to squeeze in and make it a drag race to the finish line. Both drivers were beating against one another until coming over the table top, Killer was able to force out album into a huge wreck over the tabletop and steal his spot in the Main. Heat 2 was a little more calm, as it was clear the cream of the crop was Spiffy,  Fraken and Prawn. with a shorter field due to internet issues for some, we would finish off this wreckfest with Killer bringing home the win.


Finally, what better way to cap off this event, than some classic Monster Truck Freestyle. losing a couple of a trucks, 11 trucks would hit this large, but lacking track. Combos were the move this week, as with not many obstacles available for the competitors to hit, chaining moves together would be the way to earn extra points. Alot of trucks also went for a constant air assault, the massive but smooth ramps were perfect for absolutely bombing the truck.  as he has done in almost every freestyle competition Hes been in Dak THREW DOWN. Upset with the way the night had went for him, Dak promised and delivered on tearing the track up, not being afraid of the track, he gassed into any and everything. Even awkward landings could not stop him as a weird landing off of the tabletop, was easily combed into a backflip. 


By far this has been one of my favorite events we have done this season. From Qualifying to Racing to Freestyle this event had nonstop action, and although the demo-cross racing was a little wonky, I could not be happier with the consistency of people showing up, as well as the skill they possess. Alot of these drivers have come so far and it's really cool to see how big and fast we are going. Dont wanna hype it up too much, just wanted to give my appreciation to the awesome bunch of guys we have running, this is something i have always wanted to do, and with their help, im slowly achieving it thank you so much!


No points update today, but be on the lookout as i may post in a separate update, but nonetheless we will see you deep in the heart of Texas next week, as we will be coming to you from Arlington Texas!

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