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Official Monster Jam BeamNG Animated Youtube Series?!


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Yup, you read the title right. This is not a joke, nor a late April Fools prank.




Apparently, just announced a few minutes ago today, Monster Jam is creating a new series for Youtube in the spring, called "Monster Jam Adventures". 


The twist?

They will be using BeamNG.Drive to create the series (The CRD Mod and numerous maps from the game).

Don't believe me? Here's the trailer: 


I don't even know if Beam Monsters or the Dev Team knows about this. On the bright side, maybe this will actually be a thing, unlike the scrapped "Truckin' Pals" series?


After seeing the trailer, I don't know whether to praise this, or make fun of it.


While I question what on earth I just saw, I wanna know.


What's everyone's thoughts on this? 

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Glad someone else posted this lol.  I have no words.


I hope this doesn't turn into a legal battle with using Monster Jam owned names in mods here.  It's free so I wouldn't think so, but this is all wild to me.


Very interested to see what devs think about it.  

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