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Atlanta, GA 2012

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I was recently watching the monster jam videos from the 2012 season and I liked the way the track in Atlanta was layered, so I thought I would request for it to be made in beam. I would do it myself but I have no experience in track making and I most likely would end up ruining it in the process so I figured this would be the next best shot at it coming to beam. 

Name: Atlanta 2012

Venue: Georgia Dome; Atlanta, GA

Racing Style: Chicago Style Oval

Replica/Custom: Replica

Layout Images: I tried to get some good ones but all of them were either incorrect or blurry and hard to see properly so I can't upload them, However, whoever decides to make this a reality, if you have the Monster Jam membership perk on the official Youtube channel of Monster Jam, You can use the video to make the layout work if that is good enough for you to use. 

Date Ran: January 14th 2012

I hope you all like my suggestion. Maybe it will be made. (Who knows?) Have a Wonderful Day!

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