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Stop 7: Arlington, Texas

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Welcome back! we had to take a little bye week last week, as many of our competitors had prior engagements they had to be at, but here we are back for stop 7 deep in the heart of Texas! let's take a look at our field of trucks!


Fun-Haver driven by Prawn

Nightmare Fueled driven by Austin

7/11 Savage driven by Killer

El Toro Loco driven by Steeples

BYOB driven by Jonny

Jurassic Attack driven by Clem

Power Wheels Bigfoot driven by Joey

Twisted Fate driven by Spiffy

Heatwave driven by Dak

2nd Gen driven by Prosper

Soldier Fortune driven by Deputy

Son-Uva Digger driven by Album

Squid Industries driven by Squid


As always, we start the weekly recap off with racing! Its been hard to top the last 3 weeks of racing action but somehow Arlington managed to do it, Many of the drivers were laying down qual times in the mid to low 17's, and many of them replicated those runs during the event. Upset of the night would go to eventually race winner Prawn and his win against Austin and Nightmare Fueled. While usually on his A-game Prawn and the Fun-Haver Ford were having a lot of trouble tuning the truck and finding a suitable set up for this course. He narrowly avoided being the upset of the night himself in round 1 facing off against squid but was able to come back and handily defeat him. Fast forward to the 2nd round and its a dead heat between Prawn and Austin which we be decided over the final Jump. Prawn and Austin both 2 tired the ramp meaning whoever crossed first would win and in the end It was the  it was the Fun-Haver machine pulling out the win, then decisively beating Bigfoot in the finals


After an exciting bracket of Racing we then threw it back to an original, best trick! Equally as exciting, especially since we have some new faces and as well as others who have not competed in this mid-event before! From standard Moonwalks to wild bicycles we saw it all as you usually do with best trick. Some highlights include first time best tricker Clem and Jurassic Attack taking 3rd with some very technical poppers and moonwalks,  Killer nailing the moonwalk to endo and the moonflip and securing the Lead, then Prawn coming out with some amazing bicycles to stoppies and stealing the lead from killer and taking the win for the double down!


In freestyle this week, we would see a very solid run from every competitor, something we are not too used to seeing over here in MTN. The drivers would have to be extra careful this week as Prawn was in position to walk away with his 2nd Clean Sweep of all 3 events, as well as securing the points championship early. Prawn tried his hardest for the triple, but Austin was able to avenge the Upset in racing and would put on a spectacular show, once again stealing the lead from Killer and keeping it all the way til the end and ending prawns winning streak.


Points Standings top 5:

1. Fun-Haver----------------- 242

2. Nightmare Fueled----------------- 203

3. 7/11 Savage-----------------197

4. El Toro Loco----------------- 177

5. Twisted Fate----------------- 165



Catch us next week as we go up to the Pacific Northwest where the drivers will do battle in arguably one of the best Arenas in Monster Jam, The Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington!

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