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Grave Digger #32

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So I was recently watching Monster Jam 2016 Syracuse and I noticed Adam's truck was Grave Digger #32 and I looked to see if it was in this mod and I realized it wasn't so I thought it would make a nice request idea to be made since it was a very successful truck in real life. 

Here's the info needed for those who want to try and make it. 

Truck Name: Grave Digger #32 

Body: 1950 Chevy Panel Van 

Chassis: Cohen (As told to me by Mike Bev) 

Paint: Grave Digger with #32 in Roman Numerals on the front where they usually are. 

Images: Links for the images: https://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Grave_Digger_XXXII?file=11-monster-jam-trucks-world-finals-2016-pit-party-monsters-monthly-sam-boyd-stadium-las-vegas-nevada.jpghttps://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Grave_Digger_XXXII?file=12419262_922172057902788_173025671428330431_o.jpg


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Had to change chassis since I was a doofus and put the wrong one in.
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